Best Snooper’s Charter VPN – Protect from UK Snoopers Charter with VPN

What is Snooper's Charter and How to Protect from It

Browsing the internet with privacy and confidentiality is your right. But, the law enforcement agencies are getting access to all your browsing history and other details for long. They are watching you against the law, but these intrusions are now made legal. The spying agencies, local and global, are seeking different ways to know more about common men and find the criminals.

This may be good for the investigation departments, but it is a sheer violation of the human rights. In pursuit of following and grabbing the culprits, they can not jeopardize the privacy of a common man. They need to find alternative ways that are more effective and privacy-focused for the people who are paying taxes from their hard-earned money.

What is Snooper’s Charter UK?

Snooper’s Charter is a law that proves to be a nail in the coffin of exploitation privacy and confidentiality of a common user. Previous laws implemented by the spying agencies for surveillance are already in practice, but in 2016, it extended to Snooper’s charter. It is giving complete access to investigation agencies to the browsing history of the users and that hacking their cell phones, mobile devices, and other electronic devices are legal.

The law was named as Snooper’s charter by the Investigatory Powers Act that was criticized by most of the privacy-conscious people, communities, and organizations. Even, the previously implemented regulations for surveillance by the government agencies are also found improper and illegitimate by the European Court of Human Rights and High Court of Great Britain.

How to Use a VPN to Protect from Snooper’s Charter?

You always have two options to privacy concerns on the internet. Let the agencies follow you at every step of browsing the internet, or stop them chasing you with a secure VPN. The absence of VPN means all your data is vulnerable and easy to access. It can be financial details, personals messages in emails, or chat on either of your social media profile.

The Best Snoopers Charter VPN

The most important of all is the browsing history. Every minute, the agencies get to know what you type and search on the internet. A simple solution is the installation of a VPN like IPVanish that is specifically programmed to stop the unethical intrusion of legal agencies. IPVanish is considering the best one as Snoopers Charter VPN in the modern era. IPVanish protects your privacy and internet activities by giving access to multiple IP addresses.

How to Use IPVanish to Protect from Snooper’s Charter?

Snooper’s charter is allowing telecommunication companies to share your browsing history with spying agencies. Would you want them to keep an eye on you? Would you like to jeopardize your privacy and let others know what you are searching throughout the weekdays and weekends? With IPVanish VPN for Snoopers Charter Protection, you can safely browse and keep your personal data confidential. The best strategy for hiding your identity online is using the most reliable and recommended VPN application.

IPVanish, as the name suggests, it vanishes your actual IP address and location while browsing the internet and keeps you anonymous and hidden from the spying eyes of the law enforcement agencies. The retention of ultimate privacy makes the IPVanish the best-voted VPN for the UK.

Now, you would ask how it protects me from Snooper’s Charter. The answer is simple. IPVanish connects you to its fastest network and masks your real IP address. Instead of the actual IP-based location, you have the power to select a location of your own and start browsing anonymously.

All your data that passes through the secured server of IPVanish is encrypted that means no one else has got the access to your details. You are now free to send emails, transfer files and images, view movies, continue instant messaging, and share financial details without letting the investigation agencies know them. The secure connection between you and the IPVanish server ensures no one is able to intercept and expose your personal details.  

What are the main features of IPVanish VPN that you should look for vanishing Snoopers Charter

IPVanish offers you the following features i.e.

  • 100% online anonymity
  • High speed and most stable connections
  • Online freedom and unrestricted internet connection
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use VPN apps


Raising voice against the law enforcement agencies may prove useless when they have legalized something you do not like for yourself. The privacy violation is also legislation with the name of Snooper’s Charter. You either have to accept to share details or get protected, because you cannot reject it. IPVanish VPN for Snoopers Charter Protection is a reliable alternative to calmly continue browsing whatever you want. There are many other amazing VPN services that might be good for you in your region, so try the one you like the most. Keep enjoying your freedom and anonymity with the quick installation of a VPN. 

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