Walmart arrives on Roblox for the first time with two new virtual worlds to engage young shoppers

Walmart on Roblox
Walmart on Roblox

Walmart makes its debut appearance on Roblox, with two new virtual environments to interest young consumers. Walmart announced today that it will enter the metaverse with two new Roblox experiences: “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play.”

Roblox users may gather new virtual items, play games with toys and characters, receive prizes from a blimp, attend live concerts, win fashion competitions, and more in the virtual worlds intended towards younger Walmart shoppers.

This is the first time the retail business has tried virtual worlds, as it continues to experiment with new ways to reach the next generation of customers, Generation Alpha and Generation Z. Walmart has already experimented with virtual technologies, such as their new AI-powered virtual try-on system.

Doechii, a young hip-hop musician, was recently unveiled as Spotify Island’s first artist to be featured on Planet Hip-Hop, Spotify’s new Roblox experience.

In Walmart Land, players may create beats in the “DJ Booth Remix” game and hop on a keyboard, which produces different notes depending on the key they jump on. When we played the game, we found the piano noises to be moderately annoying after a while.

The top of the screen has a timer for the next drop.

Hunting for misplaced dinosaur eggs, assisting the PAW Patrol squad in locating Mayor Goodway’s pet chicken, Chickaletta, and hosting your L.O.L Surprise!

Updated 9/26/22 at 3:35 p.m. ET with Walmart answers.

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