How User Interface Plays a Big Role in Web Design

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The user interface (UI) of any website determines its usability. We all want a user-friendly website, however, most companies are not sure how to achieve it. Due to this, businesses outsource their web design Dubai requirements to developers who are proficient in their work. But even then, it is important that you understand the concept behind UI and how it contributes to web design. Only then, will you be able to determine if your website is designed to enhance user experience?

What is UI?

The user interface is essentially the aspect of the website that users interact with. It determines the usability of the website, for example, how easy it is for visitors to navigate or access the content they need. There are numerous elements that contribute to the UI from text to visuals.

Why does UI matter in web design?

UI is important because it determines how visitors access the information on your website. The easier it is to find out about your product and services, the more likely they are to buy them. Think about it, would you buy a product from a website where you spend minutes just trying to find it? Poor UI design is will lead to the loss of business. Your online business’ success depends on UI.

There are many things you need to consider when it comes to UI. Ultimately, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your clientele to determine their preferences and design and interface accordingly. This is not easy and therefore, picking a web design agency that is familiar with your market helps. They know how to structure the site for an enhanced user experience.

The three main areas of UI that need to be focused on are:

  1. Visual design: The focus is on the strategic use of elements such as images, text, and colors to visually enhance the website. You want to use white space to ensure your site is not cluttered and visitors can read the text with ease. Overall, the design should be simple yet appealing.
  2. Interactive design: There has to be some element of interaction between the website and visitors. For example, a missed field in the contact form highlighting when submitting or links highlighting when the cursor goes over them. These little things add to the user experience on your website.
  3. Information architecture: The way the content is structured can either make it easy or difficult for users to find the information they need. You need to label, structure, and organize the content in such a way that it flows well and is easy to access. You also want to consider including a search option, so visitors can access the content they want instantly.

Best Practices for UI

Keeping your website users in mind, you want to focus on the following practices for the ultimate UI.

  • Keep it simple, don’t try to overcomplicate the design or content. Going overboard with the design will drive traffic away.
  • Look at your competitors’ websites and look for elements that are consistent. You want to use similar elements to maintain some consistency. It will result in some familiarity for your target audience on your website, making it easier for visitors to get comfortable with it.
  • Focus on the page layout, the content and graphics should be structured in such a way that they highlight the most important aspects of it.
  • Use colors and textures wisely to draw attention to things like the call-to-action and other important information.
  • Make it interactive, if something on the website goes right or wrong, make sure the website communicates that to the visitor.
  • Think about the journey you want users to take on the website to make UI intuitive. They are on your website for a purpose, let them achieve that in the easiest way possible.

UI contributes to your brand’s value and trust, make sure your website is tailored for users, so it is geared for success.

Final thought

UI can either make or break your website, that is how important it is. You need to evaluate just how user-friendly your website is, any doubt with any part means you go back to the drawing board to address the problem. A good UI ensures the traffic you drive to your website stays and converts into business. That is the ultimate goal for any business owner and can only be achieved when you are aware of the importance of UI.

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