Twitter’s new API Restrictions are Stupid, but They Won’t Affect Regular Users for the Time Being

Twitter's new API restrictions
Twitter's new API restrictions

There has been a lot going on on Twitter recently, but this Wednesday was especially busy for the social network. However, Twitter experienced a significant outage, and now the social network has announced new limitations to its API (or what’s left of it).

Although the platform took a long time to explain what was going on, Twitter later announced that it would no longer allow developers to create alternative clients for the social network using its API (a tool for other apps and websites to communicate with Twitter).

Twitter confirmed last week that it would shut down its free API, causing many automated bots and accounts to stop working. Musk announced a few days ago that Twitter would launch a new “light, write-only API for bots providing good, free content.” This, of course, would not be without a catch.

While the free Twitter API will remain available, each account will now be limited to 1,500 tweets per month. Following the strange outage that lasted about an hour earlier today, some users noticed messages stating that they had reached their daily limit of tweets or direct messages.

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