Twitter updates violent speech policy to ban ‘wishes of harm’

Twitter updates violent speech policy
Twitter updates violent speech policy

The corporation released a new ‘‘violent speech‘‘ policy, which includes some significant changes from prior versions of the guidelines.

Surprisingly, the new policy forbids users from expressing ‘‘wishes of harm‘‘ and other such sentiments.

This is a departure from Twitter`s prior policy, which stated specifically that ‘‘statements that convey a wish or hope that someone faces bodily harm‘‘ were not prohibited.

‘‘Statements that express a wish or hope that someone suffers bodily damage, making vague or indirect threats, or threatening activities that are unlikely to inflict significant or permanent injury are not actionable under this policy,‘‘ according to Twitter’s old policy, as archived by the Wayback Machine.

These may not appear to be significant changes, but they are noteworthy considering Elon Musk’s earlier views regarding how speech should be treated on Twitter.

Prior to taking over the firm, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed that he would like to allow all lawful expression.

Following his altercation with the (now-suspended) @elonjet account, which published the location of Musk’s private jet, the company’s doxxing policies changed.

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