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How to Choose a VPS hosting – Some Tips

VPS hosting

A VPS server is a virtual alternative to a physical server. The technology significantly improves the efficiency of websites and applications compared to shared hosting. We are talking about the fast loading of pages of any configuration and size, an increased level of security, and the ability to control and fine-tune the operation of the resource. 

High performance is an important argument in favour of a virtual private server. The speed and correctness of the work are not affected by traffic growth. VPS rental will help cope with the flow of visitors, the number exceeding 10 thousand per day. And if we compare VPS hosting with a dedicated physical server, it is worth noting the financial benefit. A virtual analogue will cost much cheaper. 

It is important to choose the right provider to enjoy all the benefits of technology. One of the reliable, proven options is Europe Hostzealot VPS. The client gets their own hard disk space and RAM. Access by third parties like other clients of the provider to the content and resources hosted on a virtual private server is impossible. 

Good to know: A virtual private server will be an ideal solution for hosting a site with high traffic, a large database and a large amount of content. VPS hosting users are owners of large online stores and corporate portals that provide staff access to corporate email and service services. 

Selection criteria

VPS hosting is an individual platform provided to the client to solve diverse tasks. Websites, applications, databases, software, and other informational, gaming, and commercial content resources are hosted on a virtual private server. To meet the expectations when renting a VPS hosting, when choosing a provider, you need to focus on the following criteria:

  • Availability of a powerful physical server, based on which VPS-hosting services operate. The number of processor cores is not the most indicative characteristic. Modern models of server computers with fewer cores provide high Internet connection speed and the maximum level of reliability (the ability to maintain operability in case of system failures) than outdated analogues with a higher number of cores. 
  • Sufficient resources. Make sure that the proposed RAM and power parameters will be enough for the operation of the site or application. 
  • The convenience of configuration, control and administration. The SSH application provides easy access to a virtual private server. Its presence in the VPS package greatly simplifies the process of configuration and preparation for work. 
  • Scalability – The ability to cope with an increased workload by adding work resources. 
  • Round-the-clock technical support is an opportunity for the client to eliminate any problems and shortcomings quickly. 
  • The automatic backup function allows you to quickly restore data damaged or lost due to system failures. 
  • Dedicated IP address. It increases the effectiveness of SEO promotion and reduces the likelihood of getting the site into the black lists. This option is useful for customers who actively conduct marketing campaigns and events on the network using an email newsletter.

Some providers offer built-in firewalls and DDoS protection systems. The introduction of modern web technologies contributes to improving the quality of customer service. 

Good to know: Operations for setting up and installing additional software are variably performed by the client independently or by the hoster. In the second case, the probability of errors and malfunctions decreases. 

VPS Selection Features

Providers offer many tariff plans with different indicators and characteristics, which allows you to choose the appropriate option, taking into account the specifics of the project and the tasks set. Parameters to pay attention to when choosing a VPS tariff plan:

  • The size of the disk space and the amount of RAM. It is important to remember that SSD solid-state drives function much more productively than analogues of the HDD format. 
  • Processor (CPU) parameters – the number of cores and the size of fast memory (cache is an intermediate buffer with quick access). The higher the indicators, the more data is processed by the processor per unit of time. Simultaneously with the increase in indicators, the amount of data that a virtual private server can process for a certain time is growing. 
  • The speed of the Internet connection and the bandwidth of the Internet channel. The higher these parameters, the more site visitors will be able to open pages and use applications simultaneously without losing speed and quality. These indicators are especially important for gaming and corporate services, exchanges, educational projects, blogs, and online forums. 

The speed of the Internet connection and the bandwidth of the Internet channel are closely interrelated with the maximum allowable traffic volume. The concept of traffic includes the amount of data simultaneously uploaded, downloaded, and tested by all active (online) users of the site. 

When choosing the indicators of the necessary resources and, accordingly, the tariff plan of the virtual private server, it is necessary to consider the probability of an increase in the number of users of the site in the future. For example, the load on a popular online store may increase by 10-20% monthly. Ordering resources with a small margin is justified when renting a VPS hosting to host projects whose attendance increases depending on the season. This may be due to seasonal sales or an increase in demand for certain goods, for example, fur coats in winter and bicycles and scooters in summer. That is, VPS hosting is optimally suited for hosting progressively growing sites. 

Useful tips

More often, renting a VPS is required to host a site of complex configuration and large size. The site’s effectiveness depends on the characteristics of the selected virtual server. One of the first tasks is calculating the reserve of system resources needed for high project performance. With poor performance, hosting may not be able to handle all requests from users, which will negatively affect the commercial return and efficiency of the project. To calculate the reserve of system resources, special applications and services emulate the user load (OpenSTA, ApacheJMeter, Wapt). What else to pay attention to:

  • Prices. This indicator, with equal network resources provided, can vary significantly among different providers.
  • Additional services – cloud technologies, configuration and administration of the platform, technical support.
  • The availability of software licenses will ensure the smooth and correct operation of programs and applications.
  • The level of security and the quality of protection systems against DDoS attacks. 

Unlike conventional virtual hosting, where a priori management is carried out by the provider, the virtual private server administration is performed by the client themself. You can delegate these responsibilities to the hoster for an additional fee. Useful tips

  • If the proposed tariff plans are unsuitable, you can offer your option to the provider to optimize business processes.
  • It is better to immediately check the order and form of payment with the hoster to plan payments for the service. 
  • Location of the data center. The closer the data center is to the site users, the fewer delays when loading pages. 
  • The possibility of obtaining additional IP addresses that may be required in some situations (assigning a separate IP address to each site or project, the need to differentiate IP addresses for web applications and mobile applications, and installing an SSL certificate).

To avoid making a mistake with the choice of VPS hosting, look at the reviews about the provider on the Internet. The presence of a test period is an excuse to use the services of a hoster. During this time, you can verify the declared characteristics and quality of the virtual private server. 

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