Steam releases its own personalised annual rewind feature

Steam Replay feature
Steam Replay feature

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a growing number of services, like PlayStation, Xbox, and Spotify, give a personalised end-of-year assessment. For the first time, Steam has offered its own ‘Steam Replay,’ allowing you to take an in-depth and nitty gritty look back at your previous year of gaming.

The 2022 Steam Replay, which is available to view Online, provides an intriguing insight into not just your personal gaming tendencies, but also how they compare to others.

Though this summary may be a little late, Valve appears to be releasing a lot of useful metrics that were previously unavailable to users, such as the % ratio of how often you played using keyboard and mouse versus controller – a fascinating figure indeed.

According to Valve, the average Steam user plays only 5 games in a calendar year. Similarly, in 2022, the typical Steam user had only 21 accomplishments.
Of course, these are only a handful of the MANY metrics and breakdowns accessible via Steam Replay. It’s always interesting to see such specific information, so it’s wonderful to see Steam finally joining the fray – and doing it in such a comprehensive fashion.
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