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How to Fix Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed Error

How to Fix Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed Error

The easiest way to move the text is the copy and paste function, with it, you can easily manage multimedia files, texts duplicate the files and other required files within application.

You can copy and paste the data on your Apple devices by using the Universal Clipboard feature or on others by using the keyboard shortcuts from Menu Bar.

It is quite simple to duplicate the data among across devices and apps, but some Mac user complains that during the process of copy and paste texts and files they face a Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed error.

If this irritating error you are facing then here you will get the reason of this error and simple and proved fixes to fix the error.

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Why Does the Sorry, No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed Error Occur

macOS saved the copied items temporarily in the clipboard when trying to copy texts or files on your devices. The copied items remain in the clipboard either you copy a new text or shut down your Mac. This error occurs when you cannot enable writing data to your Mac’s clipboard and so on and couldn’t copy or paste data.

Two possible reason for this Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed error due to Virus and Malware infection. First, if there is a malfunctioning clipboard at the power processing or if the OS of your Mac contains bugs or is not updated on time. Below mentioned fixes ideally help you out to resolve the error. 

Restart the Pasteboard Server

Pasteboard is a system that processes the storing and pasting of copied data from one application to another. The PBoard also keeps the data temporarily that you move to different places on your Mac.

So when you move a file from one folder to another, it’s stored temporarily in drag pasteboard before moving to the destination location.

You face the Sorry, No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed error with the faulty pasteboard server. So if you will refresh it, it will resolve the error.

Restart the Pboard Server from Activity Monitor

  • Go to Finder, then Applications, then Utilities, then double-click Activity Monitor.

Restart the Pboard Server

  • Shortly, press the Command + Space bar in the Spotlight search field, type activity monitor then choose Activity Monitor.

Restart the Pboard Server

  • In the search bar, enter the pboard at the top-right corner and double-click pboard in the “Process Name” option

Restart the Pboard Server

  • Choose Quit.


  • Choose Force Quit

pboard fix

It will terminate and restart the pasteboard server. Now close the Activity Monitor and check if the error is fixed.

Restart Pboard Server by Using the Terminal

If the error is still there, try to solve the error from the Terminal console.

  • From Head to Finder, then Applications, then Utilities, double-click the Terminal.


  • Shortly, in the search bar, type terminal and choose Terminal to launch app.


  • Type the user name in the Terminal console and press the Enter.


  • Enter your Mac’s password, then hit Enter.


Now close the Terminal console and check if the error is fixed. When you restart or refresh the pasteboard server, it will remove all old copied data and clear your Mac’s clipboard. It would delete all erroneous data in the clipboard and fix the “Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed” error.

Restart Your Mac

Restarting the Mac can resolve the error. It’s important to restart it after an update or installing any application, especially when the macOS installer recommends doing it.

  • Close all active applications on the menu bar, tap the Apple logo, then choose Restart.

mac updating

Update Your Mac

  • System updating fixes the glitches preventing cores system processes from working correctly. On the menu bar, tap the Apple logo, then check if there’s any update notification next to the “System Preferences.”

update mac

  • Connect the Mac to an internet connection. Choose the System Preferences, choose the Software Update, and then tap the Update Now on the Apple menu.

update mac

Force Quit the Window Server

The WindowsServer deals with many functions which make up Mac’s graphical user interface like Menu Bar, Dock, and many other background procedures. Many users got the experience that force quitting the Window server can resolve the Sorry, No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed error.

Force-quitting the WindowServer process will close all active applications and windows. Your Mac will also log out. But on your sing in, all the closed apps will relaunch automatically, but you can lose unsaved data. So before restarting, near the active apps and Windows.

  • Start the Activity Monitor; in the search bar, enter the window server, then double-click WindowServer.

Force Quit the WindowServer

  • Choose the Quit icon in the new window that pops up.


  • Choose Force Quito to proceed with it.


When you sign back into the account, the macOS will automatically restart the WindowsServer. Now enter the password to sign in and check if the error is fixed.

Scan Mac for Malware and Viruses

As mentioned above, this error can cause virus infection and malware. So to remove it, scan your system thoroughly with any best antivirus tool to protect it from virus infection.

Finally: If, after applying these fixes, the error is still there, then you should contact Apple support or go for any issue that persists in your hardware.


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