Tips for Selecting an Effective Proxy Service Provider to Secure Your Online Activity

Tips for Selecting an Effective Proxy Service Provider to Secure Your Online Activity

To remain anonymous on the Internet, a proxy server is used. Cyber security and the user’s “incognito” status depend on its reliability and stability, which depend on the choice of intermediate server provider. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to some details when choosing a proxy service: the company’s reputation, user reviews, and duration of operation on the market.

Additionally, one should study the offered tariff plans, the number of available servers, and the possibility of a test period to be sure that the product you are purchasing works properly. If you wish to observe all the conditions and get a high-quality proxy, look at the service. Let’s take a closer look at what intermediate server variant will be a reliable assistant in ensuring anonymity.

What proxies are suitable for work on the Internet

There are two proxy server types: individual proxies for a fee and public ones, i.e. free ones. We are going to discuss the latter ones in detail. In particular, we would like to know the difference between a free and a paid intermediate server.

  • An individual proxy is intended for a single user and is protected by a username and password. Public representatives are in the public domain and the number of connections per one IP address is about 10-15 people.
  • Speed of operation. Paid modification is placed from the powerful computer equipment, contributing to the stable high rate of 40-50 Mbps. The free version is placed on questionable servers. In conjunction with a large number of users this factor dramatically slows down the speed of loading tabs. Most often this leads to the fact that it is simply impossible to work with such a proxy.
  • Security. Individual proxies work via https with encryption support. It works in such a way that each process is coded with a set of random letters and digits; third parties will not be able to access it. Public proxies, in their turn, work through the http protocol, which implies a direct transfer of a request to the server of an Internet resource without protecting it at all. 

5 tips for buying a proxy server

  1. Determine what type of proxy you need. There are different types of intermediate servers. It is worth determining what tasks you need a proxy server for, because the functionality is different. This is best done through the technical support of the service you are going to work with. 
  2. Choice of Proxy Provider. The Internet is overflowing with services that offer a product of dubious quality and unknown until now the level of quality and anonymity you will receive.
  3. Compare prices. As we have already found out, it is not recommended to use public proxies, even if they are freely available and there is no need to pay for them. In the context of intermediate servers, value for money works. 
  4. Read the reviews. There must have been users before you who have used the services of a proxy service and have formed an opinion about the service. Thus, you will understand whether it is worth cooperating with such a provider.
  5. Availability of technical support on the project. It would seem that this is not too important advice, but in the process of connection there are technical errors that cannot always be solved by yourself. As a rule, a good proxy service hires qualified employees who can help to get out of any situation in the shortest possible time.

Choosing a provider is an important process that determines whether you will waste money or get a quality product. After all, the direct function of a proxy server is to provide anonymity. If the “incognito” status is lost in the process, there may be problems with further access to the Internet resource.

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