Samsung and iFixit now offer self-repair parts and tools for Galaxy devices

samsung ifixit self repair
samsung ifixit self repair program

Customers of the Galaxy may now use the Samsung Self-Repair Program

After nearly a half-year wait, Samsung’s self-repair software is now accessible to its customers. Samsung’s debut follows Apple’s by a few months.

The self-repair service is now confined to the United States, but the firms intend to add more regions, devices, and part fixes in the future.

While Apple does not currently provide self-repair kits for devices other than smartphones, it does support a broader range of components (such as cameras and SIM trays) and is more detailed (you can even order screws by themselves).

In other words, buy a component and you’ll have everything you need. However, Samsung does not need you to rent or purchase a separate toolset, nor does it necessitate a phone call to finish the repair process. The Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 families are not currently covered by the self-repair option, and Samsung is keen to direct less DIY-inclined consumers to traditional service providers.

Vendors may have no alternative but to let you repair equipment on your own terms.

If you’re comfortable with screwdrivers and spudgers, you can extend the usable life of a Samsung gadget without worrying about long turnaround times or possibly costly out-of-warranty repair expenses.

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