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A Brieft Review on X96 Max Android TV Box – Features Explained

A Brieft Review on X96 Max Android TV Box - Features Explained

For the starters, there is no doubt in the fact that Kodi TV boxes are the talk of the town right now and these boxes are some of the most purchased electronic devices of the last few years. It all makes sense because these boxes help people access their television in the easiest possible way and they can convert their ordinary TV set to a smart one.

On top of it all, who would not like to combine his internet connection with his television and stream all of the favourite channels, movies, etc? Well, this is where an Android TV box comes in handy.

These boxes are so far the best thing technology has given us and if you are here right now, it looks like even you are thinking about getting one which is great! For someone who loves watching television and streaming shows and music etc, these boxes are just the best.

Speaking of which, today we are here to review one of the most talked about Android TV boxes that is known by the name “X96 Max Kodi Box”. There is a lot of hype about this Kodi box in the market, so we thought to review it for you and help you decide if it is worth your money or not.

X96 Max Kodi Box – All You Need to Know

If you are looking for one of the best Android TV boxes with the best features and characteristics then the X96 Max Kodi box is what you need to get your hands on right away. This box is one of a kind especially for someone who wants to access IPTV.

The best part is that the Kodi application is already installed in this box, so you do not have to worry about going through that hassle. With this box, you will be able to enjoy your movies and shows in 4K and HD quality without any interruptions or lags. Accessing IPTV on the internet was never that easy but guess what? With this X96 box, all of your problems will come to an end.

Especially if you and your family love watching Netflix or YouTube videos on the TV then get this box right away and we assure you that you will not regret your decision. One of the main reasons why we are suggesting you try this model is that it is an affordable and economical one that will totally suit your pocket. Usually, Kodi TV boxes are not that economical but this one is, and it has all the features that you would require for the best buck.

The Design of X96 Max Android TV Box

As far as the design and construction of this box are concerned, well, it is quite impressive due to the conventionality. The logo of the brand sits right at the top of the box which looks just right on point. Then there is the LED panel on the front that displays the time and all other relevant system information. Other than this there is a USB port (1 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0) and an HDMI port along with an IR extender and an AV jack.

The body of this box is made up of strong plastic that cannot easily break or crack even if it falls on the ground. For ventilation purposes, there are several holes at the bottom of the box and there are two screws so that you can easily open the box in case it needs to be fixed, etc.

User Experience and Environment of X96 Max

When you turn on the box, there is an input animation that will appear on the screen. Some of the basic default apps are already installed in this box and then there is this KD player too which is a KODI version (we would recommend you to reinstall the official version for better streaming).

Our suggestion here for you is that if you want to play and use this box in the best possible way then without worrying about the money, opt for the model that comes with 4GB RAM. But if you just want to use this box as a multimedia player then the 2GB will work just fine for you and it will even be lighter in your pocket. The choice here is all yours! It is just that if you put more money in the box, you will be able to get more features and better, improved user experience.

The only downside to the user experience is the remote that comes with the box. Unfortunately, the remote feels outdated. But there are plenty of remotes available in the market which you can use with this box. Therefore, I would recommend buying a new remote as the default remote does not live up to expectations.

Store Apps with System Support

There is a total of 3 different settings menu that is installed in the X96 Max Kodi Box. The first one is the classic slide menu, then comes the Droid settings app and then there is a menu of the global Android settings. If you want to access the normal apps that you want to on the Google store, you can easily rely on this box as there will not be an issue accessing the basic apps on the store.

One complaint that is common among users is the lack of internal storage in such devices. However, it is certainly not the case with the X96 Max Kodi Box as it packs 64 GB of internal memory (ROM) which is pretty decent. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about storage issues.

WIFI And Bluetooth

Why would a Kodi box exist without the option for WIFI and Bluetooth? When it comes to the X96 Max super Kodi box, this one comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and Wifi ac 2×2 2.4/5GHz. You can easily connect it with a mid-range router without worrying about the signal strength and the overall connection. The range of the WIFI is that of 5 meters where you can still get signals of 43dBm. Then the Bluetooth is basically compatible with almost all the devices and you will not have any trouble with it for sure.

Overall Verdict

These are the basic things we thought you should know about the X96 Max Kodi TV Box. For now, one thing that we are sure about is the fact that this TV Box is going to be the best thing you will buy this year. As said earlier, the most impressive thing about this one is that you can buy it at the most affordable possible price without worrying about accessing the features.

This box is good news for gamers too because the resolution offered by X96 for games is also out of the ordinary. Now if you want something that has the best value for your money then without waiting any further just buy this box and enjoy a great streaming experience like never before!

Daniyal is a senior content reviewer and editor at BestKodiTips. He has more than 5 years of experience in online platforms including Mobile Apps, Streaming Platforms, Educational Tutorials, tech gadgets, and more.

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