Plex Launches Movies & TV Streaming Service in 200+ Countries

Plex Launches Movies & TV Streaming Service In in 200+ Countries

Plex comes with yet another catchy update of providing free movies and TV streaming in over 200 countries. The newly launched ad-supported media streaming service offers Netflix like access to TV shows, movies, sports and other content within a single window. Now Plex the free Media server will give its services to its users in over 200 countries. This is itself the features that differentiate it from its rivals.

As it is clear from the official press release on the Plex Media Server website that users will find thousands of links to fresh movies, TV shows, and other content types. This updated version is free but you have to bear some unwanted ads. The free service requires it, users, to support them in the form of ad views or clicks. But this is all up to you.

In support of its unwanted ads, Plex in its official Press Release comes with the explanation saying “We always aim to bring high-class content from premium resources from around the connected world of the internet. We always tend to facilitate end-users in the form of high-quality content and exchange we will only ask for watching our ads you see while watching free media on our server. If you look at the functionalities of a new TV streaming app, you will conclude that they deserve it. So, stream and chill.

In Case You are Unaware of Plex

Plex is a free media server that converts your traditional PC to a media server that you can use for endless home entertainment. After adding content from the web, you will be able to stream the local files stored on your PC, Laptop or any other device. Just like many other Media Server tools, Plex is different as they are always bringing some out of the box ideas just for the sake of their users.

Explaining the Existing Subscribers After the New Update

A little bit about its core feature of local media files. Plex is already used by millions of users across the world. Before this update, people were only able to play personal files from their local server type computers. But now they can also enjoy the latest TV streaming functionality if they are residing in the supported regions. It does not mean that the existing subscribers will not see ads, they will but not in their local downloaded files.

Final Words About Plex New Movies and TV Streaming Update

Before this latest update, Plex was also the hot favorite of those who were looking for home entertainment. Right from your home, with the help of Plex, you are free to enjoy your favorite TV shows, Movies, Sports, Documentaries and much more. To run shoulder to shoulder with its rivals, Plex now will give you a free catalog of endless TV streaming just like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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