A new Counter-Strike game is reportedly in development and could arrive later this month

new counter-strike game
new counter-strike game

Valve is said to be planning to start beta testing the “CS:GO” sequel soon.

More than a decade after the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve is reportedly preparing to announce a new version of its landmark tactical shooter.

According to esports journalist Richard Lewis (via VGC), Valve has been working on a sequel to CS: GO for some time, and that game is ‘‘about ready to go.

According to Lewis, Valve tentatively plans to begin beta testing the game with the broader Counter-Strike community by April 1st at the latest.

As for improvements, the new Counter-Strike will reportedly feature improved graphical fidelity thanks to a behind-the-scenes shift to Source 2, the latest version of Valve’s in-house game engine.

Additionally, Lewis says the game will support 128-tick servers, a feature that would bring CS in line with Valorant and reduce latency.

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