Multiplication Tables: Follow these 6 Tips to Learn it Properly

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One of the most difficult problems pupils will encounter in school is the transition from subtraction and addition to multiplication. Students aren’t the only ones that struggle with the issue. Educators typically start with the wrong concepts or rush through classes while teaching multiplication tables. Students may get discouraged and intimidated as a result, resulting in poor learning results.

Below are some of the tips to learn multiplication tables easily.

Assemble appropriate resources:

Priceless resources are available online to help prepare students for the elementary and high school levels. However, these resources are typically geared towards college-level arithmetic, which is an important aspect of math, but not necessarily the task at hand for elementary- and middle school aged students. You’ll see that there are a lot to tables from 1 to 20. They’re a fundamental part of any math curriculum and are essential skills for being successful in math.

Start with the basics:

It’s common to simplify multiplication tables to make the learning process easier. But there’s a better way. Instead of starting with the addition and subtraction tables, consider teaching multiplication in the first few months of school. In this way, students can prepare for this challenging skill before they have to rely on it daily. Then, once they’ve mastered the basics, they can start using more advanced methods to learn multiplication tables. It’s also important to listen to what your child is saying. Some teachers may not start with multiplication tables and instead start with them as a part of a larger, more complicated lesson. Other teachers start with the concept of multiplication and work their way up to the tables.

Learn the numbers:

Students might find it easy to remember simple subtraction tables, such as 1 – 2 – 3, but where is the list of multiples of 3? Asking students for examples of the multiplicative elements can help them become familiar with the concept. This can also help students pick up on specific rules. Once children become familiar with multiplication tables, they can build on their understanding with other similar and more advanced forms. As they become familiar with multiplication tables, they can play games with these numbers, such as a quick test. Create a table with the numbered 8s surrounding one another.

Tackle the hard stuff:

How can you help your students master the multiplication tables without being frustrated? Set aside 30 minutes each day for multiplication table review. Start by breaking down the tables into the three steps each is made up of. Choose a starting key for each, then group multiplication tables into key groups. Using picture flashcards illustrate the key facts. Next, look up illustrations and examples of each group in the standard edition. Explain the key facts, reading the example sentence, and leaving spaces for students to copy the facts. Remember to include in each group a good quality drill, one to three multiplication facts practised with one hundred input problems.

Test your skills:

To combat this problem, it is recommended to check out online practice sessions. The 10-question practice session tests your basic skills. Don’t just sit back and relax. If you want to learn the multiplication tables properly, you must practice them regularly. Regular practising multiplication tables will help remember the concepts clearly. It is the best way to memorize or learn a subject properly.

Try skip counting:

Skip counting is when you count at intervals of any number you like. The difficulty of memorizing a string of numbers remains and this is where the magic happens. Children should be taught to skip count to the beat of a basic song. This is a method for aiding memorization. Children will learn numbers quicker and keep them for far longer if they can correlate them with the sounds in a song rather than learning them only via repetition.

You must understand the basics so that you can make sure students get the skills they need for their future. Refer to Cuemath for more interesting tips and tricks to learn multiplication tables.

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