Programs That Will Definitely Come in Handy in Your Studies

Writing Software for College Students

In the digital era, almost all undergraduates have laptops or desktop computers. Students use them to research, learn new skills, do their homework, etc. However, in a nutshell, computers are machines that are completely useless without top-notch software. 

If you’re a student, you definitely want to know some tools that can help you pass your papers fast and increase academic achievements. Down below, you will find the selection of the best programs that will definitely come in handy in your studies.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome isn’t the fastest browser in the world. However, this one is the best for students due to a large number of unique features. 

This browser’s main advantage over other alternatives is that it can sync all the bookmarks, search history, and extensions on different devices. You can work with files on your desktop at home. Then, you can come to your college, sign in to your Google account on a shared computer, and finalize your homework with no hassle. All the files will be stored in a cloud drive.

Having a Google account, you get 15 GB of cloud storage space for free. Anyway, this amount can be increased for an additional monthly fee. Also, you will get access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other cloud software. 


Do you want all your college papers to be error-free? If so, you definitely need to download this program on your computer. It is a top-tier spell-checking software that works on Windows computers. Also, it can work and a Google Chrome application.

This program offers both free and premium plans. The free version can correct almost all grammar mistakes and misspellings. Also, it foresees the ability to replace words with synonyms upon a click. There are no limits in the free version, which is great news for students who have to write tons of college papers.

The premium plan offers better word compositions to improve the overall quality of papers and check matched content lightning fast. 

Unfortunately, neither of the plans can write college papers for you. Therefore, if you’re a student who feels overburdened with a large number of assignments, don’t hesitate to check literary analysis examples on the Internet. These days, there is a pile of useful information online. 

Cold Turkey

Distractions are the primary reasons for low performance in students. This program can increase academic achievements by eliminating digital distractions. In case you’re a learner who is not disciplined enough to focus on studies only, this software is a must-have on your desktop.

This app can block particular sites or programs on your computer during study sessions. For instance, if you’re used to batching your studying process on researching, chatting with friends, and writing, this program will block access to social media on your computer, leaving the options to study only.

Moreover, if research is not required, the app can block the Internet at all on your device. Consequently, you won’t reach free public health essays and papers online and spend your evening playing a video game. 


These days, it’s the best program that helps learners and tutors communicate worldwide while staying at home. Zoom offers the opportunity to make video calls and share free content, letting learners attend virtual lectures. This program has some limitations. It can hold 40 minutes of video calls and gather up to 100 people in one virtual room. Nevertheless, it’s more than enough for most students. 


Even though there is a top-tier Microsoft Office software, LibreOffice is a better option for students. This suite implies all the required applications for learning. 

  • Text editor;
  • Spreadsheet;
  • Presentation program;
  • Vector graphic editor;
  • Mathematical formulae application;
  • Database management program.

It works on different operating systems and can be installed for free. Using software from the suite, students can write and edit papers and make presentations using a WYSIWYG editor. 


This program is essential for students in the digital era as it allows gathering all the important information in one place. Also, it foresees the option to sync all the data across different devices. By using this software, learners can create schedules, to-do lists, and save information. It’s a very helpful tool for keeping important data, performing research.

This software’s rich functionality allows making bullet lists, editing text, scanning documents, attaching files, and even saving web pages. Using this program, you can perform in-depth research and never lose any crucial details, which is an important part of an A+ paper. 

However, if you have no time to surf the Internet and collect information, you can find someone who will come in handy for you.

Helpful Tip for Learners

Proper organization is a key to effective learning and impressive academic achievements. Therefore, being a student, you always need to create thorough plans and follow them strictly. Fortunately, there are a lot of digital planners that help follow them strictly. 

Also, any activity should lead to a particular result. Any knowledge and skills are useless if you don’t apply them in real life. Always set goals first and then create a roadmap on achieving them.

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