Mozilla packages its VPN and email relay services for $7 per month.

mozilla vpn firefox
mozilla vpn firefox

If you were previously undecided, Mozilla’s privacy offerings may be more appealing. When you pay for an annual membership, the business now bundles its virtual private network (VPN) with Firefox Relay Premium for $7 per month. Given that the VPN generally costs $5 per month (on a yearly basis), this may be a good option if you want more than the basics.

With servers in over 30 countries, no recording, and advantages like “multi-hop” access, which uses more than one server to further encrypt your connection, the VPN secures traffic for up to five devices. Firefox Relay, on the other hand, may be more appealing. You receive email aliases to disguise your real accounts, as well as phone number masking to prevent spammers and hackers from seeing your numbers. You might not be concerned that signing up for a service would result in a privacy breach.

Firefox Relay is not suitable for everyone. Email sizes are still limited to 10MB, and if you’re not using the Firefox browser, you’ll need a Chrome plugin. We’d add that depending on what you’re searching for, other privacy services may provide greater value. If you’re a member of Apple’s ecosystem, you can get email aliases and connection relays, but Google packages its VPN with cloud storage and other benefits. However, at this pricing, Mozilla’s services may be viable if you want to stay more platform-independent.

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