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Microsoft’s new Outlook Lite Android app will be available this month

Microsoft outlook lite launch
Microsoft outlook lite launch

A smaller and quicker Outlook mobile app is on the way 

If you use Microsoft Outlook for emails, it seems that Microsoft is getting ready to introduce a Lite version of the program for Android devices. This way, they can keep up with how quickly programs are running nowadays.

Outlook Lite is an Android app that provides many of the advantages of Outlook while being compact in size and delivering quick performance on less powerful hardware over slow networks.

Though the release date is still unknown, rumor has it that Outlook Lite will be coming out worldwide sometime this month according to ZDNet. And if you check out Microsoft’s documentation, they state that it’ll only work with email accounts from such services as Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and MSN but NOT support business or school email addresses.

Meta was one of the first major tech companies to release a less-data-consuming version of its original Facebook Android app. Meta developed this software for users in developing countries where internet usage is limited due to low data caps or expensive broadband services. In 2018, Google released its Go series of lighter-weight android apps, including Gmail Go.

 With over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Outlook mobile is one of the most popular email apps for people using Android. An editor at The Verge recommends it as a fine iOS email client and suggests it for those who want an Android app.

Alongside this, Microsoft has been experimenting with a new Outlook for Windows app. This newest software is undergoing beta testing and is based on Outlook on the web. As time goes by, it will gradually take over where the original Outlook for Windows program left off.

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