Meta Offers Paid Blue Tick Badge for Business Accounts

Meta Offers Paid Verification Badge for Business Accounts

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that his company is expanding Meta Verified to businesses in select regions.

Currently, the Verified is only limited to Facebook and Instagram, but Meta plans to expand its businesses on WhatsApp soon. The Meta Verified was announced for creators only at $12 monthly in March.

The Meta Verfieid gives a blue tick to creators for money. Meta Verified offers priority support and better protection to its subscribers.

Now, businesses can get a Meta Verified blue tick on Facebook and Instagram for $22 per month or $35 for both platforms. According to reports, testing of this feature for businesses will start in the coming weeks in select geographies. Meta Verified gives businesses similar perks as creators.

These include improved security features, troubleshooting, and priority support, and such companies will get search visibility on Facebook and Instagram.

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