Laptop Computers Offer All the Functions of Regular Notebook Computers

Laptop Computers Offer All the Functions of Regular Notebook Computers

A laptop, or notebook, is usually a tiny, portable personal computer using a touch screen and a minimal keyboard. Laptops can be used in the workplace or on the road as portable computers. Laptops also referred to as notebooks or netbooks.

Laptops can be compared to desktop computers, because both are designed to do much the same thing. They both can be used to surf the Internet, send emails, play computer games, and perform basic functions like word processing and storing documents. The key difference is that laptops have a smaller screen than desktop computers. As for the keyboard, a laptop computer has only a touch-pad and a very basic layout of letters and numbers on a screen. Desktop computers use a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

One of the largest differences between laptops and desktops is the size. 

Laptops are usually much smaller than desktops, which makes them difficult to carry around. Laptops need a separate external battery and power supply to operate when the battery is not functioning. Laptops can be viewed as personal computers that have evolved since the original IBM Model M. When laptops were introduced they were quite expensive but as technology advanced the price dropped. Today, laptops may cost less than a hundred dollars.

Laptops are typically desktops with laptops are sometimes called “laptop computers” even though they are smaller and less powerful than desktops. The popularity of laptops is increasing due to the increased mobility. Many businesses now use laptop computers instead of desktop computers for financial records and employee communication. Some people use laptops for gaming and web surfing. Laptops can also be used by people who are on the go because they are very easy to use.

In contrast to desktop computers, laptop computers require a power adapter so that the laptop and the monitor can work off of the same battery. Notebooks use different batteries than desktops. Notebook computers usually have two to fourGB of memory. The older laptop computers usually have lower memory but they can be upgraded. Laptops are available in many different colors such as black, gray, white, silver and others.

Laptops are available with either a keyboard or a mouse. Laptops also have various ports including USB, headphone jack, infrared port, video port, digital camera port, flash drive port, Ethernet port, and Others. Most laptops come with a standard anti-glare display protector that can be used to reduce the glare of the screen if it is too bright. Some laptops come with integrated speakers that can be used for listening to music or watching videos. Many laptop computers also have built in cameras that can be used for photo editing or for video chatting.

Laptops are designed with many features that make them easier to use. 

They are often equipped with larger touchscreens that make it easier to use. Laptops usually have processors that are two to three times as fast as desktop computers. These processors can even speed up internet applications.

Laptops have revolutionized how people do work even though they are on the go. Laptops now can be used with a variety of devices including PDAs and cellular phones. Many laptops also have hard drives that can be used for hard drive data storage. Most of these technologies are new to the marketplace and provide great options for mobile use.

Keyboard or a pointing device 

A laptop computer can have either a regular keyboard or a pointing device. Keyboards are usually made for touch input while pointing devices are designed for pointing, clicking, and typing. Laptops can have larger keyboards that have larger, more descriptive keys. Pointing devices may include extra buttons and sometimes extra functionality that can be programmed into the laptop computer.

A notebook computer is a combination of a traditional desktop computer and a laptop. Notebooks use the same type of components as laptops, except for the monitor and keyboard. Notebooks can connect to a wireless network like that used by cellular phones and other handheld personal devices. Many notebooks come with printers that can be connected to the internal battery or external batteries that plug into an outlet. A battery has the ability to store power for several hours before needing to be recharged.


As with desktop computers, notebooks come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and functions. The price ranges for laptop computers start at around three hundred dollars and can go up to one thousand dollars. Laptop computers provide many of the functions of regular notebook computers, but cost much less to operate. Laptops are convenient, easy to use, and make business people more productive.

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