The iPhone Hardware Subscription Programme has been Delayed due to “Engineering and Technical Setbacks”

iPhone hardware subscription
iPhone hardware subscription

Apple is working on an iPhone hardware subscription service as it prepares to launch its Apple Pay Later service. However, according to Bloomberg, this iPhone subscription service, like Apple Pay Later, is experiencing engineering delays.

Two of them, Apple Card Savings Account and Apple Pay Later, have been made public. The other two, “Apple Pay Monthly Installments” and an iPhone hardware subscription program, have yet to be announced.

However, it has suffered from “engineering and technical setbacks that have resulted in slow progress and missed deadlines,” as have Apple’s other fintech projects. Nonetheless, the project is still in the works at Apple and has not been abandoned.

Both of these services are still in the works at Apple, but the financial push has proven to be more difficult than anticipated. Apple Pay Later is expected to be available in “March or April,” according to Gurman. There’s no word on an updated timeline for services like Apple Card Savings Account, iPhone subscriptions, or Apple Pay Monthly.

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