iOS 16.3 Beta Changes: ‘Call with Hold’ for Emergency SOS works

iOS 16.3 Beta
“Call with Hold and Release” is the new name for the “Call with Hold” option. The iPhone will now hold the emergency services call until you release the buttons, even after the countdown, according to the updated description. Here is the complete explanation: Call with hold and Release  A countdown and alarm start if the side button and either volume button are held down consistently. If you let go of the buttons after the countdown, the iPhone will dial 911. Here is how the function was explained prior to iOS 16.3 beta 2: Call with hold The Emergency SOS slider displays when you press and hold both the side and volume buttons. Holding them still causes a countdown to start and an alert to sound. iPhone contacts emergency agencies when the countdown expires. At this point, it’s unclear whether the modification is ongoing or if Apple is merely testing the new behavior. Apple began requesting input from users who activate Emergency SOS and subsequently deactivate it with iOS 16.2. This followed concerns that some users were accidentally activating the function. Crash Detection also has been merged with Emergency SOS in iPhone 14 releases.

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