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Best Invoicing Applications for Small Ecommerce Business


Invoicing applications and software are used for the payment process. It helps to get paid on time and maintains the cash flow of the business. Good invoicing applications have many functionalities, easy-to-use, user-friendly and affordable. 

 Small business owners get several benefits from invoicing applications because it helps in account management, profit calculation, and tax collection. Small businesses want to grow, and they focus on developing the business where they handle their account by invoicing software and the other business-related by manual process. 

 Today there are different kinds of invoicing software available in the market for small businesses to manage their accounts and taxes in the same place. According to research, those businesses that are using accounting software are likely to be more productive than others. 

 According to our research, we have listed accounting software that is highly flexible and productive in managing accounts. The research is based on consideration of Features, Scalability, Integration, Pricing, and Usability.

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Best Invoicing Applications for Small Ecommerce Businesses

  1. Zoho Invoice 
  2. OutInvoice
  3. Square Invoice 
  4. Freshbook
  5. Invoice Ninja 
  6. Invoicera
  7. Simply Bills
  8. Hiveage
  10. Wave App
  11. Xero
  12. Zip Books
  13. Kashoo
  15. Sage 50Cloud
  16. Accounting Seed

1. Zoho Invoice

 Zoho invoicing application is one of the best invoicing software for small businesses with solid features, invoice automation, and international invoicing features. Zoho invoices have become the most famous invoicing management software on the market today. 

 Small and medium-sized businesses use this cloud-based accounting software with multiple pricing options, where the businesses get a free version for business owners. 

 It has easily customizable features where you can choose from in built templates. It has multilingual support. With Zoho, you can easily create invoices, track the invoice, manage the contacts, create and manage multiple projects. The vast usability of the Zoho invoice has to get overall favorable reviews from its users. 

 As it has few drawbacks, it can’t handle an extensive inventory tracking system, and it has essential items to operate on. It also failed with short-term integration, where the Zoho invoice has 14 integrations and ten payment gateways. For many small businesses, this is not a problem; Zoho has many benefits over its few drawbacks. 

 Here are the pros and cons of ZOHO INVOICE


  •   Unlimited invoice and estimates
  •   Cloud-based
  •  Easy to use 
  •  Invoicing in 14 languages
  • Excellent customer support
  •  Excellent customer support and resources
  •  Multiple mobile apps


  •  No Inventory feature
  •   Limited Integrations


Zoho Invoice offers four plans. The first plan allows one user to invoice up to five clients with zero cost for a lifetime. The other plans start from $9 to -$29 per month. The more costly plan includes more customers and users are supported.

2. OutInvoice 

 OutInvoice is invoicing software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It has many features like managing multiple clients, automatic invoice generation, payment integration, sending recurring invoices, unlimited invoice creation with unlimited client management. It has only two pricing schemes where users have monthly and yearly subscription models. 

 The online invoicing software is highly flexible, where small business owners can easily manage their invoicing process. It manages multiple clients, and you can create multiple user accounts for an efficient workflow.

 This software accepts multiple online payment options where you can quickly get paid for services. Popular online payment mediums like PayPal, Stripe can be used for payment methods.

 OutInvoice offers fully functional features suitable for small businesses. You can get 30 days free trial, and no credit card required where all features are included. 

 It has few drawbacks that it is mainly designed for small businesses and freelancers. If you have an enterprise-level business, then this software is not sufficient for you.

 Here some pros and cons of OutInvoice.


  • Multiple members profile
  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Accept online payments
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Track invoices
  • Generate a report of invoice
  • Best customer support


  • Not for large business


 The best of OutInvoice is its pricing technique; if you have only one client, then you can subscribe per user per month basis. There would be no extra charges; just fix the amount based on the number of users. The monthly subscription is $6 per user per month, and for yearly subscription $60 per user per year. 

3. Square Invoice 

 Square Invoice is famous for the best all-in-one invoicing and payment processing for product-based small businesses that want an easy way to send invoices. 

It is mainly known for its payment processing services, but after 2014 they added square invoices to the square dashboard where any user signup for a Square account will automatically get access to Square invoice and other tools for their business. The best part of Square invoice is that it’s completely free to send invoices to your customers. 

 Square invoices have many essential tools that help you grow your business, like contact management, employee management, sales tracking, and inventory features. Square Invoice is best for busy freelancers and entrepreneurs by making it simple to send invoices from their smartphones. Square Invoice has only one template for invoicing, but you can customize it by changing colors and adding your company’s logos. 

 According to Square Invoice users, it is best for small and medium-sized product-based companies but not beneficial to service-based or project-based companies.


  •  Unlimited Invoices
  •  Excellent mobile apps
  •  Cloud-based application
  • Best customer support
  • More than 100 integrations


  • Limited features 
  • No multi-currency support 
  • No beneficial for high-risk industries 


Sending an invoice to your customer by Square Invoices is free until you use other features like payment processing, payroll, and employee management system for that you have to subscribe for the services. 

 Square Invoice subscription charge for a single transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per invoice or 3.5% + $0.15 for the card on file, but there is no charge for customers who pay via cash or check.

4. FreshBooks

 Freshbook is built for small business and freelancers who want an all in one invoicing and bookkeeping solution at the same place. It is one of the oldest invoicing software launched in 2003 and rebranded in 2007 with new features like double-entry accounting, bank reconciliation, and journal entries. 

 This software is for the business that has required basic bookkeeping and accounting functions, but it is not beneficial for large businesses which require complex accounting processes. It provides excellent customer service, and they have received mostly positive reviews from their customers.

 FreshBooks send unlimited invoices and estimates to your clients, and you will also use extra features like time tracking, expenses tracking, and project management tools. According to your subscription plan, you will get extra features like bank reconciliation, reports, journal entries, and proposals. 

 It doesn’t have features to operate more than one business simultaneously but has multiple external integrations, and it supports only two payment gateways.

 Here are some pros and cons of Freshbooks


  • Unlimited Invoices and estimates
  • Cloud-based application
  • Multilingual support
  • Best Customer support
  • Good Mobile apps


  • Limited users
  • Expensive for small business


 Where other invoicing software offers free plans, but FreshBooks does not offer a free plan. But they offer three pricing models where you have to choose your best subscription model. The first plan is called the lite plane that is best for freelancers or small businesses with just five or fewer customers who just want to send invoices and don’t need an accountant, and the cost of the plan is $15 per month. 

The other plans start from $25 – $50 per month—this type of plane for large businesses has more customers, up to 500. You can increase this according to your customer base because Freshbooks is a highly scalable platform on the planet. 

5. Invoice Ninja

 Invoice Ninja is one of the best free invoicing software for small business and freelancers who wants to save money. This software provides free invoicing features forever that other software charges for. It has many features for free users like invoicing, cost estimation, time tracking, and expense tracking, listing the items, contact management, and project management. 

The one unique feature of Invoice Ninja is sending invoices and perform other tasks using your voice commands. Invoice Ninja offers multiple ways to support you and provide excellent customer support. This software has gained a lot of popularity and received excellent reviews from its customers.

Invoice Ninja free version serves for 100 or fewer costumes that are beneficial for small businesses and freelancers. For more than 100 customers, you have to subscribe to the paid version of invoice ninja. But if you need more than one user, then also you have to upgrade your subscription. 


  • Unlimited invoices and estimates
  • More than 40 payment gateways
  • Remarkable Customer Support
  • Cloud-based application 
  • Good mobile apps
  • More than 30 language support
  • Open-source options


  • No Inventory features
  • Limited integrations
  • Limited reports
  • Outdated UI


The basic plan is free for a lifetime. This plan helps the users to manage up to 100 customers. The actual price for the free plan is the invoice ninja branding on the invoice. If you have more than 100 customers, you have to subscribe to the premium version of invoice ninja, costing you $10-$14 per month. On the premium plan, you have access to more features. 

6. Invoicera

Invoicera is a fully-featured invoicing app that has more than 3 million users. It focuses on small to large enterprises instead of freelancers. They have a premium invoicing solution, but they reduced the price to be more competitive in the market. 

It provides many unique features like a 15-day free trial, available in mobile apps, a free limited plan for up to 3 clients, provides financial reporting, available 25+ payment gateways, custom workflows, time-tracking, support multi-currency, purchase orders, provides 35+ integrations and also provide local installation.

Invoicera is a premium invoicing app that has been through different hurdles. They have been working on their features, and the free plan is also worth checking.


  • Fully-featured invoicing app
  • Excellent reputation
  • Used in business for over ten years


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lacks customer support
  • Features are not updated as per the requirement


It provides a free plan for up to 3 clients. You can upgrade your features with the paid plan that ranges from $ 15- $ 149. If you subscribe to an annual plan, you will get a 20% discount.

7. Simply Bills

Simplybill is a fully-featured but lesser-known invoicing app designed for medium to large businesses.

It provides features like reporting, invoice open tracking, PDF invoices, customizable invoices, overdue invoice tracking, and sending reminder messages.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Custom paid plans
  • Invoicing app


  • It has limited information or details on the website
  • Mobile apps not available
  • Limited features as compared to other
  • Branding on the free plan


Three invoices free for up to a month. Paid plans range from $5-$25 per month.


Due invoicing is a part of the platform. It offers a fully-featured service like security focus, automatic payment reminders, accept payments online, payment processing, loaded with payment features like digital wallet and eCheck, accept multiple languages and currencies, unlimited support clients, automates the late fees, tax calculation, team permissions, data export feature, invoicing app and more.

However, it does not provide transparency on how to generate revenue. Also, less information is provided on the website and less comprehensive reviews.


  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Support FAQ and tutorials
  • Used by large companies


  • Allowed to use the platform
  • No mobile apps
  • Relatively more negative reviews


The is exclusively a free plan. There is not any information provided on paid plans.

9. Hiveage

Hiveage is a small business invoicing app used by more than 60000 small businesses and freelancers. It has been running since 2006. It is feature-rich and capable of estimates and quotes, accepts online payments, reporting, and basic accounting, repetition, and subscription billing, team management, time tracking, expenses, mobile apps for iOS and Android are available, automated payment reminders, open API, and more.

Initially, they were open as an open service but no longer available. Now, they mainly focus on small businesses rather than freelancers.


  • Invoice customization
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Provides extensive third-party integration
  • Easy to use
  • Data portability
  • Import/Export features


  • Relatively expensive
  • Mobile apps in beta
  • No free plan


No free plans are available. Plans range from $19-$99 per month.

10. Wave App

Wave app is a unique invoicing app that is a fully-featured and mature platform for free. However, they collect a small amount through payment processing facilities, and they are transparent about it. They have been working since 2010 and served more than 3 million customers, and make about $180 billion in income and expenses. 

It is fully loaded with features like recurring billing features, automated payment reminders, payment processing, accept multiple currencies, provide invoice customization facilities, apps are available in iOS and Android, emails are integrated with main services, automated sales tax calculations, and more.


  • Free platform
  • Supported by a large team
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive
  • Advanced accounting and payroll features


  • Fee on payment processing


Wave is the free service unless you use their payroll service. However, they charge a small amount on their online payments.

11. Xero

Xero is an online invoicing software designed for businesses to work from any location. It comes with many impressive features. They are:

  • Streamed transactions: Support multiple-approval model and two-factor authentication to reduce financial fraud. 
  • Inventory Management: It allows you to track your directory and keep detailed records. These records include purchase costs, dedicated quotes, item descriptions, and more.
  • Easy to use: It has an easy-to-use dashboard that helps to monitor invoicing and billing statuses of businesses.
  • Provide integration with a large number of tools: It offers an authentic integration with many third-party solutions, including ZenPayroll, Deputy, Vend, Stitch bill, Labs, Workflow, Carbon Analytics, and more.

On top of all, it provides data security for all shared invoices. Xero is best for excellent customer experiences free of cost. Before making the final purchase, you can always try professional-looking software.


  • Controls purchase orders, categorize the drafted invoices, awaiting approval, payments
  • Make a systematic comparison of finances via communal charts
  • Reduces the entry of recurring data entry
  • Uses the existing invoice templates and reducing recurring invoices
  • Send invoices from any devices like tablets or smartphone
  • Embed Pay now an option for the online payment
  • Easy addition of costs and expenses on your invoice

12. Zip Books

Zip Books is an online platform, lightweight, small business accounting software that removes accurate accounting errors. 

ZipBooks provides everything in a simple way that focuses on account receivables, not overcrowded menus with complicated, terrifying features. It provides clean and minimal reports or information for entrepreneurs. The Starter plan is free that includes unlimited invoicing, reporting, and single bank account connection.


  • Available in web application
  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Trial length of 30 days


  • Does not have integration 
  • Additional plans start with $15 per month

13. Kashoo

Kashoo is a small business accounting software that is designed to help businesses through automatic administrative work.

Kashoo understands machine-learning algorithms and helps to understand your business better. It tracks everything from sales tax to streamline overall efficiency. It also reduces waste, saves money. 


  • Available in Web Application
  • Mobile app available in iOS
  • Trial length of 14 days


  • Relatively expensive
  • No integration available


It provides a free trial for 14 days. Kashoo costs $199 per year; whosoever interested in this approach of bookkeeping can sign up for a free trial.

14. is the right solution for your business to simplify bills and invoices. It has been providing services since 2006. With, you can control accounts payable by reviewing and agreeing to pay your bills to your customers.

It includes different features like automated reminders, contact management, direct payments, credit card or PayPal payment, and fastens the payments. It provides customizable bank accounts.

This software is best suited for medium-to-large-sized businesses that simplify the way to send invoices and bills.


  • Cloud-based
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Strong security


  • Limited invoicing 
  • Relatively expensive

15. Sage 50Cloud

Sage 50Cloud is the cloud-based accounting software that provides extensive customization options and improved functionality. It offers features like account management, data security, but it is not suitable for smaller businesses with modest administrative budgets. 


  • It is available in web application
  • Provides 30 days long trial period
  • Customization option


  • No mobile app available
  • No integration


Its plan starts from $82 per month; however, the pro accounting plan, which costs $50.58 per month, is feature-rich, including a wide range of accounting tasks, expense management, invoicing, and directory tracking. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office.

16. Accounting Seed 

Accounting Seed is a small business accounting tool that exists closely with salesforce to offer insights into every aspect of the business. They do not stand alone from the core of a business.

Accounting Seed is a cloud-based accounting solution that manages customer relationship management (CRM) that serves as a single authoritative source of financial truth for your business. 

You do not need to be a Salesforce customer as the product is available as a single web application. It is easily customizable with custom code or manual IT deployments so that anyone who lacks advanced technical knowledge also can use it.


  • It is available for salesforce and web application
  • The mobile app is available through the Salesforce app


  • No free trial available
  • No integration


Sadly, Accounting Seed’s pricing is not available, but you can know it if you contact accounting seed directly.


Choosing the right and best invoicing software for your business depends on your business requirement and the number of customers you have. 

To find which invoicing software fits your business is dependent on your areas of services and the number of clients you are working with. You must compare the pricing, features, and customer support before selecting the invoicing app for your business. Most invoicing software offers free trials, so start with the free trial and then make your final decision. 

In the process of testing the software, find the software lags, usability, number of features you need. If you don’t find your business-required software, then move on to another option until you get the perfect one. 


Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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