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5 Ways to Optimize Internet Connection to Use Kodi with Zero Issues

5 Ways to Optimize Internet Connection to Use Kodi with Zero Issues

Kodi is many things to many people, but it is primarily a media player that allows users to watch movies for a home-theater experience. This functionality is not to be confused with bypassing subscriptions to video streaming services, although these can be integrated into the platform. 

Streaming videos expectedly eats up network bandwidth. This is observed when the scene freezes or when the all-too-familiar buffering icon appears. Like any service that has a playback functionality online, Kodi can buffer with videos not working or playing.

Against this backdrop, it may be necessary to improve your internet connection to be on par with your video-watching needs. Here are ways to optimize your network for a seamless Kodi experience. 

Check the Network (and Make Concessions)

How fast should an internet connection be to stream videos? A video with standard-definition resolution generally requires more than two megabits per second; the speed to stream higher quality videos like 4K also goes up. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video, among others, have individualized minimum speed requirements for their content.

Instead of fighting over limited network bandwidth and watching nothing in the end, ask housemates to take turns in using Kodi or streaming. Put together a schedule, taking into account new releases, or go by a first-come-first-served basis. This way, no one infringes on others’ viewing pleasure, and everyone gets to enjoy their show.  

Upgrade the Hardware

Aside from the connection itself, the hardware component of a home network may have to be checked as well. The modem, router, switch, and wires deliver the signal to a phone or desktop. Among the equipment mentioned, the router stands out because it maximizes the internet speed for a wireless or wired connection. 

If you’ve experienced a dip in the quality of internet connection, particularly in the streaming and gaming departments, consider replacing the router with something new and powerful. This new router should also be easy to configure for the most optimal settings. If budget is not an issue, look for one that is designed for small offices as it is built for work and performance.   

Go Offline

Yes, it is possible to use Kodi without the internet. Download the files (in some cases, through add-ons) and play them offline. The media center organizes media, including pictures and fan arts, to create a virtual catalog of movies and TV shows.  It is best to download films or episodes overnight or when there’s less virtual activity. 

To add video sources to Kodi, select Videos > Files > Add Videos > Browse to find the folder containing the files. Click OK

Consider VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, is mentioned alongside Kodi that can show movies or shows in 1080p or 4K display. A fast internet connection is necessary to stream content with high resolution. A VPN can provide the connection speed for minimal to no issues before and during playback.  

5 Ways to Optimize Internet Connection to Use Kodi with Zero Issues

Other benefits of VPN in the broader context of things are as follows:

  • It can unlock content with geography-based restrictions imposed by integrated streaming sites. 
  • It can reduce the risk of surveillance, hacking, and malware. 

What it all comes down to is finding a VPN service that facilitates a reliable and secure connection.

Switch to Wired

Mobile devices can hog the Wi-Fi internet that it becomes a challenge to watch movies on Kodi online. You know when the connection is weak if the video takes time to play, stops at some point, or stutters; and in some instances, the screen becomes pixelated or distorted.

Between wired and wireless connectivity, the former represents a more stable option. Try these alternatives when streaming shows on the platform:

  • Install the app or program on a desktop computer and watch video content from there.
  • Connect a laptop or TV (some smart TVs have ethernet ports) to the ethernet.
  • Use HDMI to connect a laptop to an external monitor or TV. 

These alternatives can involve lots of wires and thus point to a more permanent, stationary setup.  

Why go out when it is possible to be entertained at home and you can pay less for catalogs of documentaries, films, live sports events, and other clips so conveniently? The likes of Kodi help deliver this kind of entertainment in a more organized way through the internet, which you can improve for a fun and engaging time.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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