How to Install Official Kodi Addons?

Kodi is a big source of modern day’s entertainment. You can find sports, movies, TV shows, news channels and various other things to enjoy your spare time in the best way. You need to install an addon which is simply an extension to watch a specific type of video.

For example, if you want to live stream sports then you have to install sports add-ons on Kodi. Similarly, you need movies addons to watch movies, music add-ons to listen and watch music etc. There are two types of addons called official and non-official that can be installed on Kodi application. If you want to know the difference between official and non-official Kodi addon, then have a look at our comparison of these two types of addons.

What are Non-Official Kodi Addons? These are the addons that are developed by a third party developer/professionals. Some of the famous third party addons include; Ares Repository, Kodil, Noobs and Nerds, Mucky Duck, Smash and various other like these.

How to Install Non-Official Kodi Addons

This is a general topic. You can find install guide for each addon. The process is almost the same, but you need to change the provider name and few other things.

What are Official Kodi Addons?

The official Kodi addons are those addons that are pre-installed on the Kodi app that allows end users to watch videos and music. Besides the pre-installed addons, users can also add more to their addons library.  The addons that are included in the official Kodi repository are considering safe and secure as well as approved by the laws, however, these are with limited resources.

How to Install Official Kodi Addons?

Installing the Kodi owned addons is very simple and easy. You can follow the steps that are given below to add your favorite official Kodi addon to the addons library.

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Select Addons
  3. Click on Package Installation Icon
  4. Click on Install Repository
  5. Select Kodi addons Repository
  6. Click on Video Addons
  7. Click on the addon you want to install
  8. Again click on Video Addons
  9. Select the addon you have installed
  10. All done.

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