Instagram Threads is Now Far Ahead of Twitter With 3X More Downloads in December

Instagram Threads is Now Far Ahead of Twitter With 3X More Downloads in December

Meta’s messaging app, Instagram Threads, has defied growth concerns with a remarkable surge in downloads. In December 2023, the app experienced a threefold increase in downloads, catapulting it into the coveted list of top 10 most downloaded apps on both the App Store and Google Play.

According to app intelligence source Appfigures, Instagram Threads experienced an astounding 12 billion new downloads in December 2023, securing an impressive fourth position in the Top Charts for downloads on Apple’s App Store.

Additionally, it garnered 16 billion downloads on Google Play, claiming the eighth spot. When considering both platforms, Threads emerged as the sixth most installed app. To put it differently, it’s far from inactive, signaling its sustained momentum and popularity.

Threads made headlines with a groundbreaking debut, amassing a remarkable 100 million registered users within its initial five days. While the app experienced a dip in daily downloads from September to the year’s end, December marked a resurgence, credited in part to Meta’s strategic promotion through Facebook ads featuring Threads’ viral content.

Current estimates suggest a staggering 160 million Threads users, a substantial increase from Meta’s last update in October, which reported fewer than 100 million monthly active users.

The anticipation is high as Meta gears up for its next earnings report on February 1, promising exciting developments in Threads’ trajectory.

In contrast, X, Threads’ primary competitor, continues to struggle following its unconventional rebranding from Twitter. Despite the attempt to clarify its identity by adding “formerly Twitter” on the App Store page, the results have been far from stellar.

December witnessed a meager 8.5 million installations, placing X at the 29th spot on the App Store and the 46th position on the Google Play Store. This performance lags significantly behind not only other social media platforms but also productivity apps like Zoom, highlighting the challenges X faces in its revamped journey.


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