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How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys in 2024: A Fan’s Guide

How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys

Hey there, sports fans! Are you ready to catch all the thrilling Dallas Cowboys action in 2024? Being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys is an exciting experience. The team has a rich history, passionate fan base, and an electrifying atmosphere at their games.

If you’re eager to know how watch the Dallas Cowboys in 2024, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy the games to the fullest. We’ll walk you through the various options for watching the Dallas Cowboys, including live streaming and using Kodi sports addons.

Ways to watch the Dallas Cowboys games

Let’s take a look at some of the best methods for watching the Dallas Cowboys in 2024.

Traditional TV and Streaming Services

  1. Cable and Satellite:

Many traditional TV providers offer access to Dallas Cowboys games through channels like ESPN, NBC, CBS, and the NFL Network. If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can easily tune in to these channels to watch the games.

  1. Streaming Services: 

In recent years, streaming services have become increasingly popular for watching live sports. Platforms like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and fuboTV offer access to channels that broadcast NFL games, making them a convenient option for cord-cutters.

How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys Games in 2024?

Catch all the Cowboys action on various channels like ESPN, NFL Network, Fox, NBC, and CBS. Just like every NFL team, the Cowboys spread their games across these networks. 

If you don’t wish to watch it with cable services, no need to worry! You can still catch every thrilling moment of Cowboys games online with live TV streaming services. 

There are several ways to watch the Dallas Cowboys games. Whether you prefer watching on TV or streaming online, there are options available to suit your needs. 

Let’s make sure you’re never left on the sidelines!

YouTube TV – Channels to Watch Dallas Cowboys Games:

YouTube TV provides all the essential channels for catching every Dallas Cowboys game: ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

And here’s the deal – you can snag this fantastic bundle even if you’re not a YouTube TV subscriber. The base plan, originally $72.99/month, is now at a sweet 30% off, making it just $62.99/month with 100+ Live Channels available. 

But wait, there’s more! YouTube TV not only keeps things simple for you but also throws in the awesome NFL Sunday Ticket so you don’t miss any thrilling moments.

Streaming Dallas Cowboys Games on fuboTV: 

fuboTV is an awesome live TV streaming service has everything you need. ESPN to NFL Network, Fox, NBC, and CBS, all bundled up in their Pro plan. 

And guess what? You can test drive it with a free trial before committing. Once you’re in, prices range from $79.99 to $94.99, offering you a choice of 183 to 259 live channels. 

But wait, there’s more! Right now, fuboTV has a great deal, giving you $20 off your first month and slashing your initial bill down to just $54.99. 

Now that’s a win-win!

Watch Dallas Cowboys on DirecTV Stream  

DirecTV Stream is one of the top picks for catching all the football action, especially the Cowboys games. With a lineup that includes ESPN, NFL Network, Fox, NBC, and CBS, you’re covered for live TV streaming. 

Plus, there’s a huge selection of over 100 channels to keep you entertained. And guess what? You can kick things off with a five-day free trial! 

Yep, you heard it right: five days to enjoy all the sports and shows you love without spending a dime. After the trial period, the subscription only costs a slight bump to $108.99 per month.

Hulu + Live TV – A perfect for Dallas Cowboys Fans: 

With Hulu + Live TV for just $76.99 a month, you get access to 90 awesome channels. With these it includes, ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NFL Network for streaming those thrilling Cowboys games. 

But wait, there’s more! You also get Disney+, Hulu (on-demand), and ESPN+ thrown in for free. Well, Hulu + Live TV offers all five channels for your Cowboys game-watching. 

And here’s the kicker – for just $17 more than YouTube TV, you not only get those channels but also ESPN+ and Disney+ subscriptions included. If you’re okay with a few ads, you can snag the cheapest Hulu plan at $77/month.

DISH TV– A Satellite TV Choice for Watching Dallas Cowboys Games: 

For just $85 a month, the DISH package hooks you up with all the big hitters: ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and a whopping 190 other channels. That’s a lot of entertainment for your buck!

So, here’s the scoop: If you’re into catching games on your streaming device, phone, or tablet, a live TV streaming service might be your jam. But if you’re all about that satellite TV life and want even more channels, DISH has got it all covered.

And calling all you college sports fanatics out there! DISH is your MVP when it comes to TV service. You won’t miss a beat with all the action it serves up.


Sling is the best of all budget-friendly entertainment options. Its Orange + Blue plan at just $55 a month. Even better, there’s a special deal slashing 50% off your first month, making it a steal at $27.50!

Sling delivers the goods with ESPN, Fox, NFL Network, and NBC. It’s a great lineup, but here’s the catch – no CBS. So, if CBS is a must for you, keep that in mind.

But, there’s a small hiccup. Sling doesn’t have local channels everywhere like DirecTV Stream and fuboTV. So, before you jump in, do a quick check for your location. Don’t want you missing out on anything, right?

Xfinity TV Packages for Watching Dallas Cowboys Games

If you want to go for Cable TV provider to watch Dallas Cowboys Games then Xfinity TV is a great option. Its entry-level package, Popular TV at $50, is a great starting point. 

The starter plan may not be overflowing with sports channels (only about nine), but fear not! Upgrade to the Ultimate TV package for $70 per month, and you’ll score big with a whopping 23 sports channels, plus an extra 60 channels for a more extensive entertainment lineup.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Xfinity’s More Sports & Entertainment add-on is a game-changer, providing an additional nine sports channels, including the coveted NFL RedZone Channel.

Using Kodi Sports Addons to Watch Dallas Cowboys Games

If you’re a Kodi user, you can take advantage of various sports addons to stream Dallas Cowboys games and other NFL matchups. Kodi is a versatile media player that supports third-party addons. It allows you to access a wide range of content, including live sports. 

Here are some popular Kodi sports addons that you can use to watch the Dallas Cowboys in 2024:

  1. The Crew: This addon is a favorite among Kodi users for streaming sporting events, including football games.
  2. SportHD: SportHD is another reliable option for live sports streaming, offering access to a variety of athletic competitions.
  3. The Loop: With The Loop addon, you can enjoy live streams of NFL games and other sports content.

To install Kodi Sports Addons, you can refer to the respective repositories and follow the installation instructions. Keep in mind that using third-party addons for streaming may raise legal considerations, so it’s essential to use them responsibly and consider the potential implications.

Guide: Best Kodi Sports Addons for 2024: Top-rated Addons

How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys for Out of Market Fans?

Distance should never be a barrier to supporting the Dallas Cowboys. As a die-hard Cowboys fan, staying connected to every touchdown and game-changing moment is non-negotiable. Whether you’re across the country or around the globe, these four methods to watch the Dallas Cowboys Fans who are out of region.  

1. Amazon Prime Video: 

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, score a front-row seat to Thursday Night Football. Wherever you are in the world, Amazon Prime Video brings the Cowboys’ thrill right to your screen. Don’t miss a moment – tune in and cheer, no matter how far from home you are.

2. NFL Sunday Ticket: 

Distance becomes irrelevant with NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s your golden key to virtually attend every Cowboys game, no matter where you are. Sip coffee in Seattle or catch rays in Miami while enjoying live streaming of out-of-market games. Every touchdown, tackle, and triumphant moment, right there with you.

3. NFL RedZone Channel: 

For fans craving the excitement of critical plays and game-changing moments across the league, the NFL RedZone Channel is your go-to. Even if you’re far from Cowboys territory, this channel keeps you on the edge of your seat, capturing every highlight-worthy play. Perfect for Fantasy Football enthusiasts!

4. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks): 

When all else fails, enter VPNs. Unlock regional restrictions by masking your location, ensuring you access streaming services as if you’re back in Cowboys territory. Connect to a server in the broadcasted region, and voilà – virtually home, cheering for the Cowboys without missing a beat.

Dallas Cowboys game schedule for 2024

To ensure you don’t miss any Dallas Cowboys games in 2024, it’s important to stay updated on their game schedule. The NFL releases the schedule before the start of the season, and you can find it on the official Dallas Cowboys website or on various sports news websites.

Here’s the Dallas Cowboys game schedule 2024:

Dallas Cowboys game schedule for 2024

Source: FBSchedules 

Note: The exact dates are yet to be revealed, but brace yourselves for an unforgettable season!


There are various options for fans to choose from when watching the Dallas Cowboys in 2024. From traditional TV services like cable and satellite to streaming platforms such as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, DISH, Sling, and Xfinity TV, there’s a choice for every preference and budget. 

Additionally, Kodi users can explore sports addons like The Crew, SportHD, and The Loop. Out-of-market fans can rely on Amazon Prime Video, NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL RedZone Channel, or VPNs to catch the action. 

To stay updated, check the official team website or sports news for the Dallas Cowboys 2024 game schedule. With this guide on ‘How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys in 2024’, fans can passionately support the Cowboys throughout the season.

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