Instagram Giveaway – A Marketer’s Missile for Brand Awareness

Instagram Sweepstakes and giveaway-a marketer’s ballistic missile to boost brand awareness

Instagram giveaway, as a concept, is quite recent, but the social media concept is not that new. The advent of Instagram in 2013 changed a lot of dynamics. It’s perhaps the only app that performs better than any corresponding website and is helpful for attracting more customers to your business. It means that the markers have both optimized and designed Instagram for mobile.

A Quick Look on Instagram Data

  • As a marketing tool, Instagram is all about steady interaction. H2H is the current buzzword. 
  • Brands take advantage of the latest trends to stand out and stay relevant. Names like Urban Decay Cosmetics and Game of Thrones have propelled consumers to engage and subscribe.
  • Interaction and engagement goes a long way, with brand ambassadors, influencers and user-generated content coming together to form a game-changer.
  • You have that game-changer in the garb of Instagram Giveaway. Contests have obviously been a staple in all buyers’ life for a long time. 
  • Instagram giveaway is much akin to Instagram marketing, but it has also brought new elements and ideas to the table.
  • The concept is fairly simple. The account owner/influencer/business decides on the drive’s specifics. They create a CTA, and then a giveaway can go live.
  • Free prizes are always enticing and you ask people to perform. It’s a pretty simple task to like, tag, follow and also share.

Syncing giveaway with email campaigns

A stupendous giveaway thrives on great publicity. It’s crucial to share it as widely as you can. Involve your social media mailing list and knit it with your website. While running an online giveaway, email marketing constitutes three main moments.

  • First, you need to announce the concerned giveaway. Next, you need to keep up the tempo of the contest. 
  • Buttress it with welcome messages, reminders, and routine winners’ announcements. 
  • Finally, you should give people a solid reason to keep in touch with you. 
  • Planning your emails is pivotal. Now, don’t forget to focus on the components that make a good email. 
  • These are the platform, type, tone, subject line, and design and call to action. 
  • Your campaign’s first email should be the contextual giveaway announcement
  • It’s pretty unfortunate that you see some creative, exciting giveaways that have zero participants. The reason is no one told customers that the contest was open!
  • Email marketing makes it easy to announce this giveaway. 
  • Since your email contacts already have an interest in your brand and cherish your association, an online giveaway is an ideal way to showcase specific products and reward this interest.
  • Thank the participants and push some reminders as well. This is an important step as it provides transparency and gratitude. 
  • Pertaining to reminders, the majority of giveaways come with a closing date. Their timeframe to claim rewards is limited. 
  • If you ask people to refer pals or collect votes to win a prize, you might need to nudge them a bit.
  • Keep sending timely emails to render a sense of urgency to your contest. The objective is to keep the excitement at its zenith.

Creating an entry method

Although the most engaging and effective Instagram contests actually prompt members to post their own pictures, you also have numerous ways in which different businesses can create Instagram contests. 

Presaging this backdrop, it’s pivotal to establish what it takes for your followers to enter the contest and emphasize it.

  • Encourage or ask your audience to post a video or photo to Instagram with a particular theme and a specific hashtag.
  • Ask them to follow you exclusively or do that apart from creating a post. You can choose Gramista to gain some real followers and likes as well. 
  • You can ask the same audience to tag your brand in the concerned post. They can also like or comment on your posts.
  • Make it a point to establish the correct guidelines for entering a contest. You need to put everything out clearly on your promotional content. 
  • Your contest could revolve around a hashtag that excludes your brand name. 
  • If you still want them to tag your brand name to gain more recognition and space, you need to make it clear in your regulations. 
  • It’s crucial to clearly define a contest theme. Since most IG contests thrive on UGC, it’s pivotal to pick a theme to elucidate the type of videos or pictures people post. 
  • You have to decide how you’ll choose winners. A well-designed and planned contest will inform participants about its format.
  • You determine most contests on the basis of two main ways, a jury or a vote.

Read the rules

You have to make a rehash of Instagram’s rules and include them in your giveaway or contest’s terms and conditions. 

  • You have to acknowledge that your IG giveaway or contest doesn’t have anyone administering, endorsing or sponsoring it. It shouldn’t be associated with the social media platform.
  • Mention the name of the firm hosting the contest or giveaway.
  • Mention the dates your email campaign will cover. Also include the time zone.
  • Don’t forget to mention participation restrictions. These are location and age.
  • The entry process should have clear guidelines. 
  • You need to disclose all the details about how you will deliver the prize. If the recipient has to pay for delivery or shipping costs, mention that.
  • To build your email list, instead of only collecting new followers, you can offer extra chances to participants to win prizes. 
  • It’s prudent to use Shortstack’s effective marketing automation components to confirm entries. 
  • You can use the same features to send other emails to inform your followers about upcoming functions.

Evaluating the contest results

Track these results to measure the increase in followers, the participation clicks to your account and website, and different other things. 

  • You can begin comparing the data from every contest for determining the types of rewards, the content, the times of the year, and the participation types that drive the best outcomes for your business.
  • When the competition wraps up, you can edit your post caption and say that it’s now CLOSED. 
  • It will ensure that people seeing the post don’t try to chip in.

Before all this, it’s most pivotal to choose an objective for your contest. You must focus on growing your Instagram following in this regard. 

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell is a social media manager at Gramista and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

Daniyal is a senior content reviewer and editor at BestKodiTips. He has more than 5 years of experience in online platforms including Mobile Apps, Streaming Platforms, Educational Tutorials, tech gadgets, and more.

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