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How to Uninstall Minecraft Forge? | Remove Older Forge Files

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The Minecraft Forge is the plugin or addon to install the mods on the Minecraft environment. It is a Java-based edition that simplifies the lives of Minecraft lovers. For better performance, it is recommended to download the suitable Minecraft Forge version fully supported by the Minecraft game version.

It works as a layer between the core part of Minecraft and the front-end user interface. Various versions of Minecraft Forge are available, but as said above, it is recommended to look for the one fully compatible with your Minecraft version. If the current version of Forge for Minecraft is outdated and you want to install the new Forge version, you have to uninstall the current version.

How to Install Minecraft Forge?

How to Install Minecraft Forge? Before installing the new version of Minecraft Forge, let’s talk about the installation process of the currently installed version. To do so, you have to open the launcher. Once you start the Launcher, you will see the Forge there.

Just click on the delete button, and Forge outdated version will be deleted from your system. After deleting the older version of Forge, click to restart the launcher app so that you can install the fresh copy of Minecraft Forge.

One of the most common issues in Minecraft Forge is that there are seldom options for uninstalling and deletion in its newer versions. So, in this case, you can’t delete the Forge or even rename it to something else. But you will need a solution for this in the first place. To give you the best possible solutions, have a look at the below-given methods.

Uninstall Launcher Using Minecraft Control Panel

If you are tired of updating the Forge on Minecraft, the best option is to reinstall it. For this purpose, you have to remove or uninstall the Launcher app and then re-install it. To resolve the issue permanently, you will need to uninstall the Launcher from the Minecraft control panel. After removing it, restart your system and then install the new version. These solutions will help you in most cases; if not, look at the second option.

Manual Method for Forge Installation

The second option for installing the new version of Minecraft Forge is to do it manually. In the above solution, you need a completely fresh installation of Minecraft. For manual installation, you have to open the “Forge” folder under the Minecraft files. You have to look for it and delete it entirely.

Once done, rename your device’s launcher with the Forge new version you want to install. Copy the Forge file into the folder, and that’s all. You will be able to use the new Forge without any issues. Restart the launcher and enjoy Forge addons.

Final Words

The above two methods guide you on how to delete forge from Minecraft and install the new version. If you cannot uninstall forge on Minecraft by the two methods discussed above, feel free to reach us, and our experts will try to resolve your issue in the best possible way.

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