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How to Install Over The Top TV OTT TV on Kodi


Install Over The Top TV OTT TV on Kodi

OTT-TV is successfully meeting the needs of thousands of people. OTT-TV comes with multiple Kodi PVR and EPG options that include simple IPTV and iVue that are Kodi compatible options. Over the top add-on, OTT-TV also has compatibility with famous Mayfair TV. So you can install it there if needed. With the passage of time OTT-TV is getting more popular and for this reason, they are introducing new features of it every day.

If you are unable to access some of the channels due to inherent limitations of internet you need to contact add-on provider. It is advised to choose minimum duration sign-up to avoid long-term issues. Minimum line speed for enjoying its service is 10mb. When you get OTT-TV you can enjoy following entertainment categories;

  •    M3U list
  •    PVR
  •    EPG
  •    APK
  •    Live TV   

How to Install Over The Top TV OTT TV on Kodi 16 Jarvis

  •    Go to home screen and then to the system. Click file manager and the add-source
  •    Type within top box and in the lower box, type GENTECWIZ within the lower box, click ok
  •    Go to home screen then to the system and then add-ons
  •    Go to option to install zipped folder
  •    Select GENETECWIZ then click on OTT-TV with details of
  •    Wait till notification appears for installation after which complete installation of the repository and then the same complete installation of OTT-TV by going through OTT-TV repository.
  •    After notification appears showing completion of installation, you are all done.  

How to Install Over The Top TV OTT TV on Kodi 17 Krypton

  •    First of all download Kodi 17 Krypton
  •    Go to home screen and click add-ons
  •    Click settings and from there, enable option showing unknown options
  •    Go to the home screen, again and again, click settings button then click file manager and then click add source
  •    In the boxes appearing in the upper box write and in the lower one write GENETEWIZ and click ok
  •    Go to the home screen back and click add-ons and then click add-on browser
  •    Here you will choose installation from the zip file by choosing GENETECWIZ, the OTTV from repository
  •    Wait till notification appears for add-on enabling
  •    Install the OTT-TV repository from install repository
  •    Go to video add-ons and then click OTT-TV and then click on install option
  •    Again wait till notification add-on enabling appears   
  •    Your OTT-TV`s installation is complete and is available for use
  •    You can open this add-on from the home screen by clicking on the add-ons and then on OTT-TV
  •    Go to settings of add-on and then enter login info for getting access

You must keep in mind that OTT-TV is not a presentation of Kodi and is provided by a 3rd party. Well whatever is the source, OTT-TV is a great source of providing entertainment through channels for its users. For a better entertainment experience, install OTT-TV now.

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