Google Plans to Cancel Release of Pixelbook in 2023 – Reports

google Pixelbook

To increase revenue and gather maximum customers, Google launched various projects, including the Pixel watch, Android 12L and more.

Notebooks and laptops were their next target for capturing the tech market globally. In this regard, Google planned to launch a new laptop named Pixelbook, but now some reports are planning to cancel the release of the new Pixelbook in 2023.

Reports say cancelling their new project is a part of the company’s cost-cutting decisions.

According to The Verge, the team working on Pixelbook is transferred to other departments within the company.

There is no sufficient information regarding this, but Google will soon launch their new laptops next year.

Currently, their focus is on the October 6 event, where the release of a new generation of Pixel Watch and Pixel phones is expected.

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