Google at Crisis! Project Cancellation and Layoffs on the Way

google project cancellation and layoffs
google project cancellation and layoffs

Google dismisses half of its internal R&D group Area 120, according to a corporate statement Bestkoditips cited, and the giant tech verified, that the corporation is reducing projects at its in-house R&D division known as Area 120.

Big technology Google acknowledged a “force reduction” that will reduce the size of the incubator on Tuesday, as half of the teams working on new product ideas learned that their projects were being terminated.

Elias Roman, the CEO of Area 120, has stated that the organization would no longer be in charge of fueling product incubation across Google. As a result, Area 120 is winding down a number of projects in order to make room for future work.

Affected team members will get special assistance as they investigate other projects and possibilities at Google.” The division has launched a large number of successful products over the years, including the HTML5 gaming platform GameSnacks, which is now integrated with Google Chrome; Tables, an AirTable competitor that exited to Google Cloud; AdLingo, an AI-powered conversational ads platform that also exited to Cloud; video platforms Tangi and Shoploop, which exited to Google Search and Shopping, respectively; Touring Bird, a web-based travel app that exited to Commerce.

The remaining six terminated projects were a financial accounting project for Google Sheets, another shopping-related product, analytics for AR/VR, and three unreleased climate-related ventures.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai indicated in July that the company will cease hiring and focus on critical roles, but the company had previously maintained that big layoffs were not expected. Google’s recruiters will attempt to place individuals of the Area 120 team whose projects have been curtailed in other roles, but this is not guaranteed.

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