Apple to hike App Store prices across Europe and some parts of Asia next month

apple app store prices
apple app store prices

Apple says it would hike App Store prices in Europe and some Asian countries next month as currencies fall against the strong US dollar. Starting on October 5th, the price hikes will apply to both in-app purchases and ordinary apps on the App Store.

The price increases will affect all nations that use the Euro, as well as Sweden, South Korea, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Japan. Except for Montenegro, all Euro markets will see the base €0.99 app fee increase to €1.19 next month, a 20% increase. In Japan, the increases are more than 30%, as the yen falls to a fresh 24-year low versus the US dollar.

Apple hasn’t explained why prices are rising, but with the euro and yen suffering against a strong dollar, it’s evident that currency swings are to blame, which have been impacted by inflation and growing energy costs. According to Reuters, Apple modifies its Software Store pricing for currency swings on a regular basis, and last year decreased the standard €1.09 app price to €0.99.

The App Store pricing changes come only a few weeks after Apple boosted the cost of its new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 models in a number of locations outside the United States. In the UK, the iPhone 14 now starts at £849, whereas the iPhone 13 started at £779 last year. In Ireland, the price of an iPhone has risen from €909 to €1,019, and comparable price increases can be observed throughout Europe. Analysts attribute the price rises to a same cause: the strong US dollar.

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