Google Pixel 8 Pro Can Now Measure Temperature

Google Pixel 8 Pro Can Now Measure Temperature

Google released a new update for the Pixel 8 Pro phone that introduces a unique feature. The phone can now measure temperature without coming into contact with anything, which is a first for a Google Pixel device. The feature is like having a tiny thermometer within your phone. Google describes it as a “medical-grade feature,” making it the best option for taking temperature readings.

With this update, Pixel 8 Pro users can use their phones to scan their foreheads or someone else’s to check their body temperature. Additionally, they can save this information on their Fitbit profile to keep track of their health and wellness.

Google states that the feature provides reliable body temperature measurements. However, the claim has yet to be validated using a medical-grade thermometer.

We’re not sure yet if the temperature scanning on the Pixel 8 Pro is totally accurate for humans. So, don’t use your phone instead of a real thermometer for medical stuff. That’s all we know for now, so keep an eye out for more updates on this.

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