Google Chrome is Getting a Tracking Protection Feature Soon

Google Chrome bug
Google Chrome bug

To enhance end users’ privacy, Google Chrome will introduce a tracking protection mechanism for Windows, macOS, and Android. The new security feature, “Tracking Protection”, can be found in the settings.

Google Chrome already provides some of the best measures to limit app tracking in the browser, but now the Google-owned web browser is trying to enclose everything under a single page.

According to experts, this is the new beginning of privacy-related changes coming to the web browsers on major operating systems.

The “Tracking Protection” feature will work against third-party cookie domain tracking. These third-party domain tracking cookies or 3PCD retarget users across different websites.

The privacy community has already raised concerns regarding this 3PCD mechanism. Once this mechanism goes live on Chrome, it will give more control over third-party websites. Users will be able to protect themselves from such cookies.

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