Google Calendar removing ‘Goals’ from Android and iOS this year

google calendar goals official
google calendar goals official

Google Calendar for Android and iOS was updated in April 2016 with a function to help you find time for personal objectives.

In November 2022, a new message in the Android and iOS app instructs users to “Create an event instead,” and a help page describes how “current objectives will stay on your calendar but will no longer reoccur.”

Google provides the following alternatives:

  • Create new repeating events or repeat an existing event.
  • Set up a recurring focus time event to safeguard your time and deny other invitations automatically.
  • In both Google Tasks and Google Calendar, create and manage reoccurring tasks.

After you accept the Goal’s criteria, Google finds time and inserts events in your Calendar (with a distinct flag symbol), adding that it will “learn your preferences.”

Additional encryption is used in the description, attachments, and Google Meet video conferencing. Thanks to JEB Decompiler, which is used in certain APK Insight teardowns.

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