Metaverse Needs to be More Attractive to Video Game Companies

Gaming in metaverse
Gaming in metaverse

According to an analysis issued by the Game Developers Conference, the companies that create video games have yet to show the interest that was expected to be part of the metaverse and implement blockchain technology.

This report is based on a statistical analysis through a survey applied to 3,000 programmers in the video game sector, who still stated that they needed solid arguments to be part of this new virtual world.

Last year, the lack of interest by the video game development industry was more significant in everything related to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs, since a similar study showed very negative results regarding their use and implementation in these companies. For trading in cryptocurrencies, always choose software like the quantum trading app.

Very severe opinions against the metaverse

The metaverse is a new virtual world that is only partially to the liking of video game developers. Added to this is the opinion of users who revealed the information provided in the surveys.

One question raised in the survey that has attracted the most interest is which organization they consider being the most qualified to lead the metaverse to success, to which over 50% responded that there are still no such companies with so much interest and that the metaverse failed to achieve its goals in the future.

I inclined a few respondents to dismiss Epic Games as one that could merge with the metaverse since its productions, such as Unreal Engine and Fortnite, are already part of a metaverse module, Decentraland.

Tim Sweeney, who is the CEO of Epic Games, spoke in favor of the metaverse, assuring that the metaverse will lead the global economy to enjoy a sustainable balance and that this virtual world will stand out in being the driving base for the production and injection into the markets of many billions of dollars.

Video games should be taken into account.

Minecraft and Horizon Worlds, games belonging to the giant companies Microsoft and Meta, respectively, were the least benefited in the surveys since only 5% of those surveyed favored them, which is a rather worrying situation since they belong to Mark Zuckerberg. They are the ones who are sponsored and receive financing from their partners.

That same characteristic does not make them optimal to be the ones to promote the metaverse in the video game area because this topic has become a constant controversy in the middle of technology.

Blockchain is not of much interest to game developers

Many developers and programmers are skeptical about making blockchain technology part of the video game project, which they consider would not be a profitable strategy.

A tiny percentage, less than 4% of those surveyed, assumed that they use it since the majority expressed they operate with the standard technology, which is paid to download, pay to download.

Another aspect that influences its application within the world of video games is that platforms like Steam have denied the issuance of games with blockchain technology for some time, which could be more helpful for the reach of the great masses affected by the digital market of cryptocurrencies.


For the gamer world, the metaverse is only partially a possibility that provides full development in its environment; this causes a significant departure from virtual reality in video games.

Decentraland, a mini metaverse world dedicated to video games, has been delighted with the Marketing area, where many of the most influential brands worldwide believe in the metaverse’s success and are therefore investing in it, despite being aware that there is still a long way to go before it is a finished and successful project.

The CEO and developer of the metaverse ensure that his project will be fully viable as soon as the devices or helmets for virtual reality are available and their cost is not so high, which is an almost impossible aspect since a Meta Quest Pro device is around $1,500, quite a high cost for users.

There are many aspects in which the metaverse developers must work to attract the interest and total acceptance of the gamer world and, in this way, be able to link with the field that is currently most in demand by the vast majority of users, and is that who is not attracted to video games?

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