Is Gaming On PC Better Than PS? Here Is What You Need to Know

gaming on PC vs PS
gaming on PC vs PS

We live in the world of gaming where we have extraordinary games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, GTA, and of course, Cyberpunk. We recently got metaverse and it changed everything.

Gaming in the past was considered a leisure activity to pass time. Now it is a way to earn money as well and yes, it pays a lot if you are a professional gamer. There has always been a debate between gamers regarding what platform is the best to play on.

Every gamer has an opinion on whether they prefer to play on a computer or a gaming console. Some say Xbox and PlayStation are better whereas a large group of gamers defend PCs.

question: Should you buy a console or a PC?

Many factors influence whether someone should purchase a PC or a console. Building a PC requires a lot more knowledge of the technology involved and might potentially be more expensive depending on the quality desired.

You might have no experience with both PC and Console and you might want to be a gamer or start a career in gaming. You need to know which one is better.

The answer is that a PC is far much better than a console. However, PC gaming is preferred to console gaming due to its more customization, improved gaming experience, and convenience of using a computer.

When playing on a console, the user cannot personalize the console as they can on a PC. As a result, consoles do not enable any gaming limitations to be exceeded.

However, with a PC, the battery, graphics card, CPU, and storage can all be customized for the optimal experience. That is not possible with an Xbox or PlayStation. They have no choice but to accept the specs that come with it, even if they don’t like them.

This is why there is a gaming pc for sale at Acer and you must go get it.

Here is why gaming on a PC is better than gaming on a console.

Games You Can Play

The first pro is the variety of games available: With a gaming PC, you may select from many games that can be downloaded online or purchased from game retailers. It has no restrictions, and downloading games over the internet is also quite inexpensive.

On the other hand, consoles are restricted to just console-approved games. This is because consoles give a platform for game developers to design games for specific hardware, resulting in a diverse range of games but not as many as PC games.

All you need for a PC is more RAM and a better GPU to play thousands of games without trouble.

The Ability to Customize

A PC is a gaming system that may be upgraded at any moment.

You must have heard the term “building a PC” – you will never hear “building a PS5 or Xbox. This is because PCs are customizable and you can add more RAM and a better GPU whenever you need it.

Consoles, on the other hand, are terrible at upgrading. In other words, you can’t genuinely enhance them. and you are just stuck with a limited number of games. If you want an upgrade, you will have to buy a brand new PlayStation or Xbox.


Consoles are less expensive than a gaming PC but it is very important to consider extra fees including membership passes, expensive games, and other costs. PCs may cost you more when you build your gaming PC but there is no other cost in the long run.

Also, PC games are very less expensive than console games. You will also get to choose the hardware you want in your PC so that you can upgrade your system anytime you want with less money. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your console, you will have to buy a new console.

Backward compatibility

Oh yeah, and once you own a PC game, you own it for everlasting. (Unless you’re one of those guys who is scared that Valve’s Steam will fail and take your games down with it.)

Final Thoughts

You probably need a PC anyway!

And now we come to an end. The be-all-end-all argument.

A solid gaming PC is the way to go if you want a lot of options, from the price and capability of your system to an almost limitless collection of games from all periods.

Apart from the above-mentioned arguments and pros of buying a PC for gaming, there are many more proving that a PC is much better for gaming than consoles.

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