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Free Diamond ML

Are you looking for free Diamonds ML 2024 Legit Tricks? You are at the right place. Here you will get the complete idea about tricks for free Diamonds ML. If you are a regular user of Mobile Legends (ML), you must be aware of Heroes. These Heroes allow you to enjoy and play the game to the fullest. Heroes help you with in-game element customisation and will enable you to shift the game approach entirely.

Heroes are not free; using these will cost you extra points. So how to get unlimited Heroes? Get heroes with free Diamonds in ML. Diamonds are ML points that help you purchase heroes and tickets. ML gamers can earn free Diamonds at the time of gameplay.

This article is all about free diamonds in ML 2024. Stick around to earn diamonds and use Heroes for game customisation and a better gaming experience.

What Are Mobile Legends Diamonds?

Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends works as in-game currency. With the help of these diamonds, gamers can access various features such as unlocking Heroes, game customisation and many more elements like these. ML gamers must have diamonds in their account to play the game at its best. With the help of these in-game battle coins/points, you will be able to unlock various heroes. Earning free diamonds in Mobile Legends is a simple task.

How to Get Free ML Diamonds 2024 Legit

There are various options by which you can get free Mobile Legends Diamonds. Few of these methods are listed here.


There are five different options; the first is to stream the game. Other ML gamers who watch your streaming will give you some rewards and gifts. These gifts come in the form of;

  • Airplane – Gives 5000 diamonds
  • Yacht – You earn 1000 diamonds
  • Roadster – You get 250 diamonds
  • Jewellery – You make six diamonds
  • Flower – Max of 2 diamonds

The above steaming method is a free way to get free diamond ML legit. There are also some other options which are given below.

Participation in Tournaments

In any game, tournaments are competitive compared to other games, but there are associated benefits. So, if you are a pro gamer and want to earn maximum free diamonds in ML, you must participate in tournaments. Besides getting the opportunity to win free mobile legends diamonds, gamers also make real cash in most scenarios.

Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin is another best method to earn free ML diamonds in 2024. You have to visit the “Draw” section in the gameplay. Participating in lucky spins will give you free skins and other benefits.

Purchase Diamonds Directly

Besides other options, ML allows its users to use the in-game shop and purchase diamonds in exchange for real cash. You also get free diamonds when you buy a specific number of diamonds.

Use Recharge

By using the recharge option, you will be able to earn some free diamonds legit. For this feature, you are supposed to have already purchased some diamonds before.

Best Apps to Get Free ML Diamonds Legit 2024

Looking for a free diamond ml apk legit? Some third-party apps help you to get free diamonds legit 2024. These apps include Nimo TV APK, New Cat, Kubik News, Dent Android and VeeU. You can use these applications one by one or all at once to get full access to free mobile legends diamonds.

Final Words

There are various methods available on the internet to get free diamonds in mobile legends. There are in-game options of mobile codes and third-party mobile apps.

For security and privacy reasons, it is recommended to go for the official in-game free diamonds and not for the third party low-quality websites. Other ways may not be legal, so to be safe, go for the free diamonds mobile legends legit through the in-game option.

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