Four Reasons Copy.ai Can’t Outperform Expert Academic Writers

Four Reasons Copy.ai Can’t Outperform Expert Academic Writers

There’s always a subject or task that you loathe while studying. It can be tests, exams, or presenting something to your peers. Yet, the thing that most students dislike is writing assignments. There are several reasons why students frequently opt to check out EssayHub reviews and order from a writing service rather than writing on their own. The path to crafting a perfect essay that can bring you good grades is paved with many difficulties. 

It involves issues starting with forming opinions on certain topics and ending with pouring thoughts into the paper. And we shouldn’t forget about the time constraints. After all, you have a lot of other subjects to take care of, and you also might have a part-time job if we’re talking about college. Thus, the idea of delegating your writing tasks to someone else is quite tempting. 

For years, essay writing services were the only alternative to writing alone. But the early 2020s brought a new alternative to the table: AI writing tools like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Writesonic, you name it. All of those AI-powered platforms have their own benefits and drawbacks. 

There’s also Copy.AI, the only service that gets realistic reviews rather than those overpraising the platform as the go-to option for anyone who’s involved in writing content. 

What Is Copy.AI?

In brief, Copy.AI is an AI-powered copywriter that creates content on your request, more or less. The platform was launched in 2020, and within two days of its release, it garnered more than two thousand subscribers. 

While the tool positions itself as an ideal solution for businesses, it can be used by students as well. When you pass the easy registration process, you can choose what you need the tool for, and one of the options is for student purposes.

The most interesting thing about Copy.AI is the articles on the platform. If you dig through multiple AI-powered platform reviews, you will find that most of them praise the tools as the best writing solution that you may ever find. That’s not the case, however, with Copy.AI. 

All the articles on the service are quite realistic, simply laying down the benefits and the disadvantages of the platform. So, let’s check out the benefits first:

  • The platform offers a free trial; 
  • It gives good prompts for your own material;
  • It lists the sources that it uses for the delivered text;
  • It’s intuitive but offers numerous tutorials on how to use it;
  • It allows you to choose the tone of the text.

Now, all that sounds great, doesn’t it? But there are several problems with it. 

The free trial provides you with limited options. The prompts are not exactly the same thing as having your work written by an AI. Yet, it avoids AI detection sometimes and plagiarism detection in certain cases. 

The tones of texts are a bit limited, so if you want an academic paper that occasionally dives into sarcasm, you should look elsewhere. But let’s dig a little deeper. 

The Sources’ Credibility

If the tool avoids plagiarism and AI detection, why on Earth do we still need something like SaveMyGrade review or any other essay writing service? Well, things are not as easy as they may seem. 

Let’s start with the credibility of the sources. First, you must be warned that, in some cases, the platform doesn’t provide you with the sources it uses for crafting your text. That’s already enough for your concern. But let’s talk about the credibility of the sources and how the platform uses them. 

Copy.AI tends to use credible sources, but generally, on well-known topics. If you take something more or less difficult, the tool may either list unreliable sources or end up not listing the sources it has used at all. 

This may lead you into trouble or force you to rework the delivered text thoroughly. Sounds like more work than you initially intended to do when using an AI-powered writing tool.

AI Detection

AI detectors are the bane of most students who tend to use AI-powered writing tools instead of writing their essays and research papers on their own. Generally, you run into the same problem. The service promises that it easily avoids AI detectors, but when you run any text produced by the tool, it gets flagged. The case with Copy.AI is quite different.

We’ve tested the tool and can come up with a conclusive decision. Sometimes, it tricks AI detectors into believing they are processing a text written by a human; sometimes, it doesn’t. 

This makes using Copy.AI quite a risky venture, as you never know whether you will get a submittable text or one that requires a heavy rewrite to present it to your professor. 

Lack of Creativity

Despite all the benefits of Copy.AI, there’s one problem it cannot overcome, just like any other AI-driven tool — the lack of creativity. The platform can provide you with reliable information. The platform can use credible sources from time to time. Copy.AI can even avoid AI detection. Still, regarding creativity, Copy.AI, just like any AI-driven platform, cannot bring satisfying results.

Remember we’ve mentioned tone of voice? First, you can only choose it when you’re a paid user. Secondly, if you want to write, say, a sarcastic essay about the importance of stopping climate change but how most of the actions in support of it look ridiculous, you won’t find a sarcastic tone of voice. You can allow the tool to craft a draft for you, but you will have to rework it afterward heavily. 

Lack of Human Touch

No matter how much you try, your true attitude to this or that issue shines through the text you have written. The same happens with every person who writes. Also, when a human writes the text, they tend to know how to spark this or that emotion in the reader. 

AI tools, no matter how well-developed or prone to learn, are still incapable of doing that. The same goes for Copy.AI. 

You may apply a joke here or a metaphor there, but the AI-driven writing tool cannot. You may want to invigorate this or that point, while Copy.AI or any AI writing tool out there cannot. 

However, if you hire a human writer and explain your project vision to them, they can easily do it for you. They can even copy your writing style if that is important for you, so your professor won’t suspect anything.

Closing Remarks

So, that’s what we have. Copy.AI, while possibly better than most AI-powered writing tools, is still far from being perfect. It cannot provide you with the main thing — an option to delegate your writing duties to something else completely.

There’s one important aspect that we forgot to mention: when you’re not a paid subscriber, it provides you with small texts. Sometimes, it’s 300+ words; sometimes, it’s 500+, and sometimes, it’s less than 250 words. 

So, you either subscribe for $35 per month without a guarantee of getting a submittable essay or keep the free version and get ready for many rewrites. Alternatively, you can rely on paper writing services that will easily do your assignment for you. 

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