The Features You Should Consider When Purchasing Gaming Laptops

The Features You Should Consider When Purchasing Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are specialized computer devices designed specifically for playing different video games. The term “gaming laptop” is a misleading term because gaming laptops are not technically known as notebooks. Gaming laptops usually differ significantly from regular laptop computers by having high-end central processing units and high-speed graphics cards with Dedicated memory and raw processing power. With a gaming laptop, the hard drive is replaced by a Solid State Drive (SSD) that stores data instead of the traditional hard drive.

There are two main types of graphics in modern gaming laptops. 

These are integrated graphics and dedicated graphics. In an integrated graphics system, the graphics are part of the main computer system and are embedded within the laptop body itself. On the other hand, in a dedicated graphics configuration, the graphics card is separate from the main system and is placed in a separate component called the CPU. The screen is usually built into the CPU instead of being attached to the main part of the laptop. This allows the display to be higher in resolution and size than on a dedicated graphics configuration.

Graphics cards

Another difference between gaming laptops and regular laptop computers is the presence of graphics cards. A graphics card is what enables the video output to be displayed on the monitor. These cards are commonly integrated into the motherboard of the computer. They can be built into the motherboard by the manufacturer or can be purchased separately. One drawback to built-in graphics cards is that they are very expensive and often need to be replaced after some time due to poor craftsmanship. Also, these chips are more likely to become damaged through constant use and handling.

Many of today’s graphics cards come preinstalled in many gaming laptops. Depending on the quality of the graphics card and manufacturer, the price of a laptop can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Even though this factor may seem minor, it can make a significant difference in the amount you pay for a gaming laptop. It is wise to compare several brands of cards to determine which one offers the best performance and value for your money. The exception to this rule is if you are planning on purchasing an older laptop with a non-standard graphics card.

Battery life

For many consumers, the most important consideration when shopping for gaming laptops is the battery life offered by the machine. Gaming laptops can last up to nine hours on a full charge, but they can also easily go out of commission for prolonged use. The better brands will have a long battery life that is not dependent on the processor. Some of the newer models of gaming laptops offer the option of upgrading to additional battery packs, which can add another three to four hours of play on a full charge.

Processor speed

Another important factor in the search for the right machine is the processor speed. Most gamers prefer machines with high processing power because they tend to run much more smoothly and quickly than low-powered desktops. High powered gaming laptops can even handle all of the latest games at maximum detail and offer a true PC experience. However, you do need to factor in the extra cost of upgrading from a lower spec processor to a high spec processor when purchasing a gaming laptop.


RAM and the amount of hard drive space required to store your personal data and movies will depend on the type of processor you purchase, but many gamers choose to purchase extra RAM so that they have the ability to play games longer without having to restart the game. Of course, many gaming laptops offer plenty of hard drive space so that you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of storing huge game logs. On the other hand, there are gaming laptops that only offer a few gigabytes of hard drive space, so they can be used for less intensive activities such as web browsing and emailing.


Do not forget to consider the battery life offered by the gaming laptops. Many of these laptops offer between seven and eight-hour of battery life, which is very typical for this type of machine. Some laptop mag reviews have suggested that it may be best to purchase a laptop with a large display if you are looking to get the most use out of the battery life. However, you should also think about purchasing a laptop with a larger battery life if you often play long video games for long periods of time because you will definitely want to have a backup battery in the case of a power outage or overheat. Gaming laptops definitely offer some great options if you are looking for a gaming experience, but make sure that you choose wisely before making your final decision.

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