Ex-NBA Players Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses: Inspirational Journeys

Ex-NBA Players Who are Jehovah's Witnesses- Inspirational Journeys

NBA players must possess commitment, self-control, and perseverance to succeed as professionals. It’s more fascinating to research basketball players’ individual lives and adventures. These players have found inspiration and strength in the Jehovah’s Witness faith outside the court.

However, we will have to provide some compelling biographies of former NBA players who made a lasting impression on basketball courts worldwide and converted to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. How many ex-National Basketball Association players are Jehovah’s Witnesses? Let us find out.

What is Jehovah’s Witnesses? 

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a community recognized for their faith and commitment to their beliefs. With a membership exceeding 8 million individuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses adhere to an interpretation of the Bible and have distinctive customs that distinguish them from other Christian denominations.

A significant tenet of Jehovah’s Witnesses is their objection to involvement in activities, military service, and blood transfusions. They emphasize spreading their faith and regularly engage in door-to-door preaching, distributing literature, and conducting Bible study sessions.

The NBA and its impact on popular culture

The NBA, also known as the National Basketball Association, is a tier basketball league. It has managed to captivate the deep love and respect of countless fans across the globe. With its high-speed gameplay, awe-inspiring slam dunks, and remarkable displays of athleticism, the NBA has evolved into a sensation that holds sway over popular culture.

Fans eagerly follow NBA players’ lives and accomplishments, viewing them as celebrities and role models. Many basketball stars who have had a long-lasting influence on popular culture and the game have come from this league. Despite the league’s glamor and glamour, several NBA players have found comfort and motivation in their Jehovah’s Witness religion.

The journey of 10 NBA players who became Jehovah’s Witnesses

The NBA’s relationship with Jehovah’s Witnesses is interesting since it combines two seemingly distinct worlds. Despite the demands and temptations of the NBA lifestyle, there are several players who have embraced their faith as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

1. Darren Collison

The NBA saw the return of talented point guard Darren Collison in 2009. Whether he was a Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers, or New Orleans Hornets member, he never went away. With a renewed emphasis on his religion and family, Collison announced his retirement in 2019. He made the decision to accept Jehovah’s Witnesses as his teachers. 

nba players jehovah witnesses Darren Collison

Between and beyond the basketball court, Collison’s personality has been profoundly impacted by his experiences as a Jehovah’s Witness. His honesty, integrity, and steadfast devotion to his beliefs have earned his reputation. Collison retains his humble attitude despite the fame and fortune of being an NBA star. Continues to be committed to live according to his beliefs.

2. Danny Granger

Danny Granger, who was most known for his forward skills, spent his whole NBA career (2005–2015) with the Indiana Pacers. As Danny grew up in a household that followed this faith, his beliefs provided comfort and direction.

Danny Granger

After retirement, Granger committed himself to community service and religious outreach and developed a strong enthusiasm for Jehovah’s Witnesses. His convictions were a compass in Granger’s personal and professional lives.

He experienced highs and lows as a professional player, but he never wavered from his principles and values. His connections with other individuals have improved due to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness since it has fostered compassion and understanding between them.

3. Dewayne Dedmon

Dewayne was born in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a dominant center, has been an active force in the NBA since 2013. He played for multiple teams. Despite his ongoing professional commitments, Dedmon identifies as a Jehovah’s Witnesses. He emphasizes the harmonious coexistence of his faith and his career.

Dewayne Dedmon

Due to their religious convictions, his mother stopped him from playing basketball. Dedmon, nonetheless, overcame all obstacles and made it to the NBA. 

Later, Dedmon’s mother supported his son’s desire to pursue sports, and he became a successful basketball player and a devout Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

4. Reggie Theus

Reggie Theus, a shooting guard who graced the NBA from 1978 to 1991, enjoyed a stellar career with teams like the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings. His skill at fusing faith and basketball is impressive. 

Reggie Theus

He is one of the NBA players who is a Jehovah’s Witness. He was baptized in the 1990s. Post-retirement, Theus became an outspoken advocate for Jehovah’s Witnesses. He started sharing insights into the transformative impact of his faith.

5. A.C. Green

Renowned for his resilience and commitment as a power forward, A.C. Green’s NBA journey spanned from 1985 to 2001, with notable times at the Los Angeles Lakers. A.C. Green is renowned for his Christian faith and dedication to encouraging young people to have healthy habits.

A.C. Green

He belongs to the former NBA Jehovah’s Witness players who steadfastly adhered to their religious beliefs. He became a faith member in the middle of the 1980s and stuck to it religiously. 

Green’s adherence to his faith included a commitment to abstinence, making him a symbol of discipline and conviction in the NBA.

6. Detlef Schrempf

Detlef Schrempf, a former NBA player from Germany, found solace and inspiration in his spiritual journey as a Jehovah’s Witness. He is a versatile player who graced the NBA from 1985 to 2001. He played for teams such as the Seattle SuperSonics and Indiana Pacers. 

Detlef Schrempf

Beyond his on-court achievements, Detlef freely acknowledged being a church member. He became a member in the 1990s and has been devoted ever since. He has also been outspoken about his spirituality and role as the NBA’s outstanding worldwide representative.

7. Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Tisdale, a remarkable man who excelled as a power forward on the basketball court and as a jazz musician on stage, went on a deep spiritual journey and became a devout Jehovah’s Witness. 

Wayman Tisdale

Tisdale’s incredible skill was on display throughout his brilliant NBA career, which spanned from 1985 to 1997, on teams like the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers. Amidst his own personal fight with illness, Tisdale’s religion served as a source of unwavering strength, demonstrating tenacity and an always optimistic perspective until his dying in 2009.

8. Dave Meyers

Dave Meyers, a forward with the Milwaukee Bucks, had a brief NBA career from 1975 to 1980, cut short by injury. Meyers was a devout Jehovah’s Witness who maintained his religion until the end. 

Dave Meyers

He was so committed that, in the wake of a serious back injury, he declined surgery. He said that the procedure went against both Jehovah’s Witness teachings and his own religion. In 2015, Dave passed away from cancer at the age of 62.

9. Mark Jackson

A former point guard, Mark Jackson enjoyed a successful NBA career from 1987 to 2004, earning All-Star honors with various teams. Notably, he guided the Indiana Pacers to the 2000 NBA Finals. 

Mark Jackson

He is renowned for his exceptional passing abilities on the court. Transitioning into coaching post-retirement, Jackson emphasized the importance of faith in shaping his life and career.

10. Michael Adams

Michael Adams, a dynamic point guard, graced the NBA from 1985 to 1996, showcasing his skills with teams like the Washington Bullets and Denver Nuggets. In the latter part of the 1990s, he embraced the faith and developed into a committed Jehovah’s Witness. 

Michael Adams

Post-NBA, Adams remained connected to his faith. He shared insights into how it influenced his perspective on success and personal fulfillment.

Challenges faced by NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses

Embracing the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses while being a professional player presents its own challenges. The NBA lifestyle is often associated with fame, fortune, and party culture that can conflict with the core principles of the faith.

NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses often face pressure to conform to societal norms and engage in activities that go against their beliefs. They may experience isolation from their teammates and difficulty finding common ground in social situations. Additionally, the rigorous schedule and demands of the NBA can make finding time for spiritual practices and congregation meetings challenging.

Despite these challenges, these players remain steadfast in their faith, displaying unwavering commitment to their beliefs and setting an example for others.

How their faith influenced their careers and personal lives

As Jehovah’s Witnesses, NBA players use their faith as a compass to help them make decisions that affect their actions on and off the court. They prioritize integrity, humility, and compassion because their values dictate their moral compass.

These players were well-known throughout their careers for their commitment to their profession, great work ethic, and team-oriented attitude. They exhibited self-control and accountability on the basketball court due to the discipline and responsibility their faith gave them.

Outside of the court, these players showed a dedication to improving their communities and leaving a lasting impression. Numerous people were involved in charitable activities, lending their influence and assets to causes that matched their religious beliefs.

The impact of their faith on their post-NBA lives

When NBA players leave the game, their effect on the world does not stop. Many former NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses still live their post-NBA life according to their beliefs.

Players’ faith is a vital resource in assisting them in navigating the possibilities and challenges that come with retirement. Several former NBA players have discovered meaning and joy in serving their local churches and the community.

Because of their faith, they have a network of people who share their beliefs and a sense of belonging. Their sense of belonging and purpose is sustained by this support network even after their basketball careers end.

The role of community and support networks for NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses

The communities and support systems that NBA players participate in are critical to them. These players frequently go to their fellow Christians for moral support, emotional support, and a feeling of community.

For many players, the church becomes an extended family supporting them through their NBA careers’ highs and lows. The understanding and shared experiences of other Jehovah’s Witnesses who have gone through comparable struggles provide them comfort.

The group also offers spiritual development, Bible study, and camaraderie opportunities. These players can deepen their religion and receive support in their spiritual journeys because it provides a haven from the demands and temptations of the NBA lifestyle.

Lessons we can learn from their inspirational journey

There are important lessons to be learned from the inspirational journey of NBA players who identify as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The strength of belief and the significance of adhering to one’s ideals are underscored by their resolute dedication to their religion in the face of adversity.

These players prove that religion and job success can coexist and that one may achieve professional success and maintain a strong commitment to one’s core values. Our religion strengthens us, and their tales encourage us to value honesty, modesty, and kindness.


NBA players’ conversion to Jehovah’s Witnesses is a story of faith’s strength and the human spirit’s tenacity. These people inspired us with their unflinching dedication to their principles, leaving an enduring legacy on and off the basketball court.

Their experiences show that one may practice their religion in every area of life, including the ostensibly glamorous and demanding world of professional athletics. Their unwavering commitment to their convictions and their morally admirable lives serve as an inspiration to others, making a lasting impression on the NBA and the wider community.

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