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How to Do Email Marketing for Startup

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Why would one use email marketing for startups? There are enough reasons that can justify this choice. Before all, email marketing is known as the most efficient marketing channel regarding return on investments (ROI). Secondly, it is great for engagement with prospects and clients, adding to relationships and retention.

The benefits of email marketing for entrepreneurs seem evident. Yet, the peculiarities of the particular type of business require the focus on the mass audience, strong encouragement, and investors seeking. 

Read this article to know what marketing for a startup is about and start an email campaign.

Email Marketing For Startups: Which strategy to apply?

Any strategy has a goal of business to meet. However, one can confuse startups and small businesses; they do not necessarily have the same goals. For instance, a startup has an objective to grow fast, while a small company already operates within its plan and goes with the defined flow. In any case, both businesses will want to get website traffic somehow, which is the aim of their marketing campaigns. 

In marketing for a startup, the entrepreneurs have no contacts or audience and should reach them first. For them, making contacts and reaching out to interested people become the primary goal. 

Regarding email marketing strategy for small business growth, the CMOs usually have an existing list and gradually develop it. That’s why email marketing ideas for small business development refer to two goals at the same time: retention and growth.

However, as both business elements, startups, and small businesses, try to engage with the audiences and improve their email lists, the email marketing methods are the same. What is the difference, then? Contents, CTAs, messages, and volumes. 

How to Start an Email Campaign: Steps to Consider

Email marketing for startups derives from the goal of getting new customers. For this purpose, the marketer needs a good list and an adequate message. The latter should have engaging content and a certain degree of utility. It may be the product itself or the piece adding to the sales journey of the customer. 

Primary goal: Build or grow the email list

Knowing the email address of the customer opens the gate for engagement and interaction. Thus, getting valid emails is what the sales team would start their preparation with. How to do so? There are different ways to get new contacts. 

Some offer free content, lead magnets, promotions, or coupons in exchange for emails within their website pages, blog, or social media. Others extract emails with the email finder tools and organize them within prospect management software. Notably, CRM systems can help systematize contacts and prepare them for the following email marketing actions.

The third way is to buy an email list. Yet, it is not the best way to handle the email database improvement despite some people finding it effective. Why? It is considered unethical and, in some cases, illegal. Besides, the emails from a purchased one are likely to require additional verification.

Content and call to action (CTA): Ways to engage

Another thing to consider is the content you provide in emails. To bring conversions, it has to offer value. Imagine customers find something useful within the newsletter they are signed up for. It would be the reason for them to click the CTA button to see more solutions. That’s why content is a magnet attracting the audience, while the CTA is the trigger showing value.

To make the content within your email body appealing, it should answer the needs of the customers. It is all about producing value and reflecting the struggles of the prospect. Continue to share pieces that the customers would find helpful. 

At the same time, if a startup owner is to write to the media to raise awareness of the product, the same would apply. The content is to offer the ground for the response and building relationships.

Specific templates: Style and personalized approach 

There are various email templates for startups to send. They refer to welcome, activation, personal invitation, demo offers, and reactivation letters. Besides, there are outreach templates that startup owners utilize to reach media or businesses. 

In most email templates for startups, the subject line and the appeal to the reader play a significant role. For instance, a welcome letter with a good speech and personalized subject line can retain a customer, while the intrigue or social proof in the subject line of an email can improve the open rates. Notably, the same can be said about email marketing ideas for small business growth.

In outreach, email templates are about the correct phrases for building the connection or producing value. In terms of personalization, you can comment on the recipient’s post paying attention to details. It will mean that you are really interested and want to build relationships, not just sell a product. 

Lastly, add your style to the existing templates or create your own. If they look basic, the chances are the customers won’t engage with them. Besides, email marketing should be interactive. Thus, you can add pictures and videos to affect the respective rates.

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