How Are Web Browsers and Search Engines Different From Each Other?

How Are Web Browsers and Search Engines Different From Each Other

We keep hearing these two most common terms called search engine and web browser. If you think that they both are the same, you are wrong. Yes, they are pretty different from each other. Do you know the Difference Between a Web Browser and a Search Engine?

Are you curious to know more about these most common terms? You have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to explore these in a detailed manner. 

What Does It Mean By Search Engine 

The search engine is a sort of web portal helping users find out the content they have been looking for. You need to put the right keywords into the search field to get accurate results. We are so independent on the internet to find out the information. It is indeed a source of information. We all know the internet is regarded as a crucial source of information and resources to churn out resources from the internet taking the help of some software. This software is called a search engine. Talking about some of the known ones, there are Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, etc. 

To put it in simple words, a search engine means where you can find the information you have been looking for. It could be said that it is a sort of program responsible for searching for and identifying items in the database which relate to the added keywords by the users. 

There are significant components of the search engine which we are going to mention including – 

  • Crawler – Have you been wondering about crawlers? Well, it is also an important term to consider. You must not forget its importance. Crawlers are regarded as the software programs which are needed by the bots. It is known for regularly scanning the websites automatically regarding the URLs, keywords, and links to get all the new updates. The Crawler is good at following the links to present on some different web pages.
  • Index – Do you know about the index? Though you might have heard about this term a lot of time, it is a bit different from what you generally think. The next on the list is an index. The Crawler is known for scanning websites in an ideal manner. It also develops an Index of different things, including links, keywords, and URLs, to search results quite effectively. 
  • Search Algorithm – The search algorithm holds the entire mechanism behind the searching process as a whole. It works by searching the index and hunting the highly relevant web pages going with keywords that the users indeed search. 

How Different Is Web Browser 

Now, you might be wondering about what a web browser is in simple terms. Well, it could be said that a web browser is regarded as an example of application software. The motto of developing this is all about retrieving and checking out the information from different web pages, or called HTML files available on the web servers. Talking about the first web browser, it was invented by Sir Tim Berners back in 1990. 

Talking about the significant graphical web browser, it was established in 1993 known as mosaic. Well, if you think there was only a limited number of web browsers, you are wrong. There were a variety of web browsers that were developed at that time. And some of them were navigators as well. Talking about Microsoft’s internet explorer, there were many such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, etc. 

To put it in simple words, a web browser is a software application making it possible for you to access information going with the World Wide Web. Since we keep hearing these terms more often, we ignore understanding them profoundly. Similarly, there is a Difference Between the Internet and WWW, and they are not similar.


After reading the ones mentioned above, we hope that you are much more aware of these most common terms that we hear more often. 

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