7 Creative Ideas for Advertising in 2021

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People are bombarded with ads every day. Based on some estimates, the average American sees between 4000 to 10000 ads every single day. As a result, many people have developed a blind spot to advertising in general and have become desensitized to it. This is why you need to work harder and harder to get their attention these days. Let’s take a look at 7 creative ideas you could use for advertising in 2021.


If you don’t know what geo-fencing is, it’s one of the most recent and innovative marketing techniques you can use. It allows you to erect a virtual fence around a specific area and serve ads through text messaging to anyone in it. 

This technique can be used in different ways. For instance, you could target the parking lot of a sports arena with after game specials, or you could erect one around a park right next to your business and offer specials on refreshments. 

Another thing you could do is put up a geo-fence around your business. This way, you could send special offers to people who pass by. You could even put one up around one of your competitors and offer a better deal. 

Start a Podcast

If you’re selling a service and expertise is one of your main selling points, then podcasting can be the perfect way to spread your brand and build authority. It’s also a very cheap way to reach thousands or even millions of people.

Podcasts are easy to distribute, and if you manage to make the content enjoyable, you could build a loyal following. A good idea would be to interview essential people in your niche. You might also get invitations after a while. If you do, look at their audience, number, and the podcast, and see if they would be a good fit for your brand.

Throw a Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff, as long as it’s useful. A good giveaway and contest could get you much more publicity than you imagined. However, you don’t want to focus on what you’ll be giving away. Instead, you want to concentrate on what people will need to do to enter. For instance, you may ask people to retweet a post with your hashtag to participate or drop a like on your Facebook page. These are concrete actions that could result in more sales later. Then you can start thinking of what your audience would like to get.

Start a Festival or Annual Event

Another thing you could do is start a festival in your area. This will not only allow you to advertise your brand but build a genuine connection with the community. You can decide to start an event directly connected to your field, or something fun that people will remember.

Some people may decide to start an annual conference, or you might want to put on a food or music festival. Both will allow you to raise brand awareness. You’ll also have all the floor space that you want to sell your products to attendees. You could set up lounging sections, for instance, and have some of your reps stationed there showcasing your products.

Go Back to the Basics

Another thing you could do is go back to basic advertisement methods, such as print for example. Many people neglect print nowadays but don’t understand how they may be missing a large portion of their audience. We can think of B2B businesses as one example. Your clients may spend only a tiny amount of their time online but might pay more attention to a nicely made eye-catching brochure advertising your services. You could even start an industry magazine and use it to promote your brand.

Pull People In

One of the best ways to sell in 2021 is not to sell at all. That’s the principle behind inbound marketing. With this method, you focus on providing value and attracting your clients to you. It all starts with a good content strategy, both on-page and off-page. This means publishing content on the right outlets, making sure your page is optimized and filled with great content, and ensuring that your branding and message are congruent with what you have to offer.

Use Chatbots

People have increasingly low attention spans nowadays. If they can’t find something that they want on your website quickly, expect them to bounce out. Chatbots can be invaluable tools here. They can not only be used to answer customer questions but steer them towards a purchase. Using chatbots is a great way to advertise subtly and increase your conversion rates.

These are just a few things you could do in 2021 if you want to set your brand apart. We suggest that you consider all of these options and look at how you can use traditional methods to boost results. 


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