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Top 8 Torrent Sites for Audiobooks | eBooks and AudioBooks Torrents

If you are Audiobooks lover, then here is the list of best free torrent sites for downloading your favorite books. From this list, get your ebooks online and enjoy reading.

With the excess of modern technology, the craze of Audiobooks and Ebooks is at its peak. Listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks online is the new thing for the book lovers. There are many benefits to this. You can read or listen to your favourite author on the go on any device.

With the presence of these books, you don’t need to hold a physical book. With the increasing demand for online books, many devices and software are introduced for this purpose, such as Kindle and PDF readers.

Some people like listening to books just like music and many book lovers only love reading their favourite story, history book or novel. Finding quality books on internet is not an easy task. Here in this article/guide, we will discuss some important and best torrent websites you can use to download eBooks and Audiobooks.

Best Torrent Sites for audiobooks 2021

If you are searching for free ebooks then finding these on torrent websites is the best way. You can find some legal torrent websites to find ebooks and audiobooks for download to your Kindle or smartphone. Please look at our prepared list of best torrent websites for audiobooks in 2021 that works.

Before proceeding with torrent sites for ebooks, please keep in mind that every website offers its advantages and disadvantages. You are also advised to explore the safety measures of torrent websites because every torrent website may not be secure and can cause some cybersecurity problems.

How to find eBooks on Torrent Websites?

To get the best eBooks without any hurdle, torrent sites are the best to go for you. With the help of these torrent websites for ebooks, you can connect to any author and any book on the internet.

Should you select randomly for Audiobooks torrent sites?

No, every torrent site may not be the right place for finding books. This is not random stuff; you need to do proper research. In order to make things easier and simpler for our readers, here we have listed the top torrent websites for eBooks which will help any ebook reader on the internet.

Best Torrent Sites for ebooks

With the help of below-given websites, you can download books for free and hence no need to buy books in your student life. From several torrent websites for audiobooks, we have prepared the list of selected sites which are fast, secure and provides quality content. Have a look at the list to download your desired ebooks using torrent.

Audiobooks Cloud

Audiobooks. Cloud torrent website for online books comes with an extensive database of premium books. All you need to search for a specific book and get it downloaded to your device.

It offers audiobooks in various categories such as Entertainment, Business, Classics, Comedy, Thrillers, Fiction, Health, History, Kids, Mysteries, Politics, Parenting, Personal Development, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science & Technology, Self Development, Sports, Travel & Adventure, and plenty of more like these.

It gives both free and premium access. In the VIP access, you need to pay one time and access premium books for a lifetime. With this pass, you can access and download audiobooks with just a single click without being annoyed by unwanted content. There are no ads in the VIP access, no download limits, fast downloads, only one-time payment and can access the improved search functionality.


For torrent users, ThePirateBay is not a new name. It offers free torrents not only for ebooks and audiobooks, but it is the library to various other genres. Most internet users know ThePirateBay for downloading movies, but this is like heaven for ebook lovers.

ThePirateBay is one of the world top torrent sites. It is the most searched and used torrent search engine used for downloading various content niches. It comes with a secure environment with SSL enabled and encrypted nature. With the SSL encryption, you are not supposed to worry about your security.

On the main screen, it gives you the search functionality. There are no ads on the first page. All you need to enter the ebook title and select the checkbox “others” from the list below the search box. On the next screen of the site, you will find a list of all the relevant titles from you can select any and click on download torrent link.


With too many ebook websites and torrent sites for audiobooks online, eBookee has its name. However, it is an emerging website but is entirely in the race to become the best online ebook site. There are plenty of categories where you can find your favourite title.

The library contains books for Technology, Novels, Literature, Computer Programming books, Tutorials, Guides, Sports, Fiction and many more like these. The website is managed in the best way. You can find books based on various filters such as recently published, top 10 ebooks, books by most reviews and Top 10 users.

I recommend this book for the students of computer science with the craze for programming. It provides many titles for readers in programming such as Database, Networks, Operating systems, MS office, JAVA, C++,, Cloud computing and much more.


As mentioned in its name, Tech Books for Free is dedicated to technology-oriented ebooks and audiobooks. If you are looking for the best torrent site for computer ebooks, then go for it.

It comes with a user-friendly interface, and the main categories can be found right in the top menu of this ebook torrent site. It contains sections for Linux, Microsoft products, JAVA, Perl, Python, Science, Networks, database systems, Security, Assembly and many more.

This is the best website for students, and I like it and use it for study materials. They also have a group on Google so you can join them there.

AudioBooks Bay

For all the audiobooks and ebook readers, Audiobook Bay (ABB) is not a new name. It is a massive library of audiobooks and presents the content in an obvious crystal form. You can download books for free in a safe, secure and high quality.

Unlikely many torrent websites, it comes with a straightforward interface and no annoying ads on the home page.

It provides ebooks for almost every category. You can book for school studies, Art, Crime, History related books, Literature, Documentaries, Autobiographies and many more such useful genres of books.

It is effortless to operate and download ebook from AudioBook Bay. All you need to enter the title or author name in the search field and you will be redirected to the list of tens of relevant results.

It requires registration. If you don’t want to share your personal information on a torrent site, it is not for you. Go down the list for another relevant website.


ManyBooks comes with the extensive list of free online eBooks and Audiobooks. They aim to provide free books to books lovers from all around the world. It comes with one of the friendly and best user interfaces with fewer ads. The navigation is quite impressive; you can quickly go to your targeted page with just a few clicks. The website content is divided into various sections for your ease.

You can open dedicated pages for the book Genres, Book Titles, Author names and the desired language. There are over 50,000 free ebooks available on ManyBook free torrent site for audiobooks.

Another great thing about ManyBooks is that you can also upload content to it. So, if you are the author of a book or want to publish it, this is the best platform to convey your message in the form of text to millions of readers from different regions of the world.

Planet eBook

It is the place where the audiobook and ebooks lovers can find a vast library of online books. The website comes with a user friendly and clean interface where the readers of our choice can be downloaded without any download limit. In the Planet eBook, there are more than 50,000 books available online, which can be accessed by any user at any time from anywhere.

Planet eBook is heaven for all the literature lovers. It gives you access to classic literature. It is supported on any central operating system, i.e. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If you are not willing to read books only in your bed, then go with Planet eBook, and you will be in the sky.

Book Share

Book-Share is best for finding books and sharing your content online. It is a books oriented website with plenty of categories for daily usage. It contains every genre, and the content is divided in the best possible way.

Just like many other torrent websites, Book-Share offers search by title, author or category. It contains more than 400K ebooks. If you want a fully dedicated website for eBooks, then Book-Share is for you.

In the Book-Share, you can find sections/categories for Fiction, History, science, cooking, non-classifiable, computer programming, hobbies, technology, engineering, business, accounts, economics and many more.

Final Words

That’s all from us for this guide and list of torrent websites for ebooks. Hopefully, you might have found your target audiobook or ebook from any of the site mentioned above. Again, you are always advised not to select every random torrent websites for downloading torrents. It is still essential to look after your privacy while surfing on the internet, mostly on torrent sites.

Another pro advises for our readers is avoiding clicking on unwanted ads or opening suspicious links. Thanks for reading. Keep reading your favourite books with our selected list of audiobooks torrent websites. Goodbye.

The list is shared only to download legal books from the internet. We are not encouraging our readers to illegal activities by using torrent websites.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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