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Top 5 Binge-Worthy Christmas Movies to Watch on Peacock using Kodi in Canada

Top 5 Binge-Worthy Christmas Movies to Watch on Peacock using Kodi in Canada

Are you ready to get cozy by the fireplace, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, and dive into the magical world of Christmas movies? Look no further! In this blog, we have you covered with a list of the top 5 Christmas movies that are perfect for binge-watching, guaranteeing an unforgettable holiday season. 

If you’re wondering about accessing these movies on Peacock TV in Canada, we’ve got you covered! No need to worry, as we have the perfect solution for you.By using Kodi, a popular media player, you can easily access Peacock TV in Canada and unlock the wonders of Peacock TV right from the comfort of your own home. 

So, grab your favorite snacks, snuggle up under a cozy blanket, and let’s explore the enchanting realm of these must-watch Christmas movies to make this holiday season truly magical!

Top 5 Christmas Movies to Binge-Watch on Peacock

The Waltons’ Homecoming

The Waltons’ Homecoming takes us back in time to the 1930s during the Great Depression. Set in the rural community of Walton’s Mountain, the movie revolves around the Walton family and their heartwarming Christmas journey.

As the family prepares for the holiday season, they face various challenges and financial struggles. The central focus is on young John-Boy Walton, a budding writer, who desperately wishes to give his family the perfect Christmas gift. 

With determination and perseverance, John-Boy sets out on a touching adventure to find work and earn enough money to bring his family joy and comfort during this special time of year.

Along the way, he encounters kind-hearted strangers and discovers the true spirit of Christmas, emphasizing the importance of family, love, and the power of community. This nostalgic and uplifting tale will warm your heart and remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports A Christmas Tale takes us on a thrilling and darkly humorous journey set in the snowy wilderness of Lapland. In this unique twist on Christmas folklore, a young boy named Pietari and his father discover the shocking truth behind the legend of Santa Claus.

When a mysterious archaeological dig disturbs the ancient burial site of the real Santa Claus, chaos ensues as the mythical being awakens.

Unleashing his wrath upon the local community, Santa Claus kidnaps children, leaving Pietari and his father to embark on a daring mission to save the day. As they delve deeper into the sinister truth, they uncover a plot far more menacing than they ever imagined.

Filled with suspense, mystery, and unexpected turns, “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” offers a refreshingly unconventional take on the holiday season, where the line between myth and reality becomes blurred.

Better Watch Out

In Better Watch Out, a seemingly innocent Christmas night takes a chilling turn in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Ashley, a responsible teenager, is tasked with babysitting twelve-year-old Luke.

However, their cozy evening quickly transforms into a night of terror when strange and sinister events unfold. As unexpected intruders threaten their safety, Luke’s true nature is revealed, turning the tables on conventional perceptions of innocence.

With an atmosphere of suspense and a twist-laden plot, the film delves into the dark depths of human psychology and the lengths people will go to protect themselves. Blurring the lines between psychological thriller and holiday horror, “Better Watch Out” offers a disturbingly thrilling take on the usual Christmas movie tropes, leaving audiences on edge and questioning who can be trusted. 

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Just Friends

Just Friends is a delightful romantic comedy that follows the story of two childhood friends who reconnect years later. Once an overweight and awkward teenager, Chris has become a successful and attractive music executive. When he returns to his hometown for the holidays, he reunites with his high school crush, Jamie.

Determined to win her heart, Chris navigates the ups and downs of their complicated relationship. Along the way, he must contend with Jamie’s obnoxious ex-boyfriend and his insecurities. 

As the holiday season unfolds, Chris realizes that true love may have been right before him all along. With its blend of humor, heartwarming moments, and a dash of holiday cheer, “Just Friends” explores the complexities of friendship and the possibility of finding love in unexpected places.


Krampus takes us into the world of Max, a disillusioned young boy who has lost his Christmas spirit due to family tensions. After a heated argument, Max inadvertently summons the ancient demonic spirit of Krampus, who punishes those who have lost their holiday joy.

As a blizzard engulfs their town, the family finds themselves trapped inside their home, facing a relentless onslaught of sinister holiday creatures. Krampus and his minions terrorize the family, testing their bonds and pushing them to the brink. 

In a fight for survival and redemption, Max and his loved ones must band together and rediscover the true meaning of Christmas to stand a chance against the evil forces.

With elements of horror and dark fantasy, “Krampus” delivers a twisted and chilling twist on the traditional Christmas tale, reminding us that even in the darkest times, the season’s spirit can prevail.


As the holiday season draws near, immerse yourself in the joyous world of Christmas movies on Peacock. With a wide selection of heartwarming tales that celebrate the essence of family, the true meaning of Christmas, and even some exciting twists on traditional festivities, there’s something to delight everyone.

So, let the holiday magic unfold, create treasured memories, and let the warmth and cheer of Christmas fill your home. 

Whether you’re snuggled up with a cozy blanket or sharing laughter with loved ones, Peacock is your gateway to a festive wonderland. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and joyful streaming as you embark on a magical journey with Peacock’s captivating Christmas movies.

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