Major Challenges of Video Game Development Company

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In recent years, the global games market has grown significantly. Gamers are spending more and more money on video games, and if you add up the whole world, we will talk about billions of dollars. But what do developers think about working in the industry? They cited crunchy, customer deception, and process management problems among the main problems.

It’s hard to find a team of honest and experienced developers these days, but it’s possible. 

Crunch culture

Based on the opinion of the interviewed specialists, outsourcing development teams most of all face rework (many companies specialize in this). Overtime and harsh working conditions can be attributed to unprofessional management, the type and complexity of the project, and the presence or absence of sufficient experience on a particular employee.

At the same time, internal development studios are less likely to encounter crunches. This is because such companies usually work on small projects and can better control the processes. This is why working conditions in such teams are often less stressful.

Weak computers and deceiving customers

Some 3D artists admit that delays and overtime are sometimes the lack of capacity of the equipment that companies provide to employees. The work computers of the interviewed specialists more than once frozen and broke, which reduced efficiency and led to disruptions to deadlines.

The management of some studios strives to lure clients with low prices and inundates them with promises that their team will do quality work on a tight schedule.

Sometimes some experienced artists are suddenly transferred to more expensive projects and put in their place by newbies. This harms the final product, and at the same time, customers continue to think that highly qualified specialists are working on their tasks.

Pros and cons of outsourcing and internal development

Studio employees who are engaged in internal development are not immune to the fact that at any time, their game can be cancelled. In this case, no one will see the results of many years of work, which upsets many developers.

Almost all interviewed specialists admitted that they like to see their name in the credits and receive positive feedback about their work from the community. And outsourcing specialists have the most chances to complete the project since they often know the plan and development deadlines in advance.

Also, the comfort of employees largely depends on those who manage the teams. If a good leader is responsible for the project, which helps overcome difficulties, then employees cope with problems more easily. 

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