How to Cancel HBO Membership on Amazon Prime

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Before knowing a quick method as how to cancel HBO subscription on Amazon Prime, let us have a quick review of this mega-entertainment channel. HBO is one of the pioneering and premium television services in the entertainment industry. It was founded in the year 1972 and has amassed an immense number of subscribers to date.

The reason it has a whopping number of subscribers like around 130 billion is the quality of content. With the beginning of creative projects like Game of Thrones and Oz it has always met the expectation of its subscribers by providing unmatched quality in content.  

The increased demand has made HBO introduce plugins for third-party streaming services like Amazon Prime as well. To access your favorite TV shows, movies, and series that are aired on HBO within your Amazon account, all you need to do is installing the HBO add-on in the dashboard. 

At any time, if you think that you longer need the subscription, you can cancel it and save your time and money. Most of the subscribers are not in the habit of paying the expensive premium membership throughout the year, as they are only concerned about a specific movie or series. 

As soon as the series ends, they cancel their subscription as well. If you also want the same but do not know as how to cancel HBO on Amazon prime, let me help you in this regard. I am sharing the complete process in steps that are easy to follow. 

How to cancel HBO Amazon Prime Membership

  • Visit Amazon Official website and sign-in to your account.
  • Once logged in, find ‘Account’ section to cancel a subscription
  • Hit ‘Prime Video Channels’ link, you may find it beneath the Memberships and Subscriptions tabs
  • A list of channels will appear. Find HBO on the list.
  • Navigate to Cancel Channel button against the HBO 
  • Confirm the cancellation if asked, and the subscription will end.

Facts you need to know about canceling HBP subscription

Knowing different facts about your Amazon account is as significant as finding how to cancel Amazon Prime HBO. Here, I am sharing some of the facts you must know about your premium membership and the channels you subscribe to.  

  • The access to Premium Channels like HBO is awarded to users who use the Amazon Prime account. If you are using a shared account or accessing the platform through any Amazon Household account, you may not get the HBO subscription. Use a dedicated account if you want to subscribe or cancel a premium channel. 
  • If you follow the method as how to cancel HBO on Amazon prime for revoking the HBO subscription only, it will not affect the Amazon Prime Membership. You will be allowed to access your account, review and update payment options, or revoke the membership.  
  • Cancellation of Amazon Prime account will result in automatic withdrawal of subscription of the premium channels. It will stop charging you for the subscription.
  • Subscribing to any channel can be acquired every month. The payment is not refundable. If you try to cancel it after paying the monthly fee, you will not be able to claim a refund.  
  • If you commit a mistake of subscription multiple times to a single channel, you will have the right to edit or cancel your subscription. 

Canceling your HBO subscription in the Amazon Prime account is simple and easy. Try the method as I have described above in the post, and you will get through the process in a few clicks.

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