5 Ways to Resize an Image without Photoshop

5 Ways to Resize an Image without Photoshop

Image quality and size are essential, and to know the right tools to use and develop a good picture. There are different social media platforms where images are posted frequently; hence it’s good to understand how to resize a photo without using Photoshop. Each forum has varying image dimensions hence the need to use the available image resizing tools.

You can use them and ensure that your final image is of high quality. The quality of an image plays a significant role and says a lot about you since it’s the first thing they view when visiting your profile. Some of the free online image resizers help you come up with the right image size. When using image resizing tools, ensure that you don’t compromise the quality. Here are ways to resize your image to fit on any given platform using the provided image dimensions.

Take Advantage of a Free Image Resizer such as BeFunky.

BeFunky is a free online resizing tool that is best for simple and fast photo resizing, offering a wide range of options. This tool can adjust the width and height by scaling and ensuring the image fits perfectly without tampering with quality. With this tool, you can choose the size you want, and it automatically adjusts without affecting image quality.

Otherwise, if you wish to adjust the size personally, ensure you exit the lock aspect ratio box as it affects image quality. Take Advantage of essential tools to resize and edit images; if you wish to explore more options, you can go premium.

Use Bulk Image Resizing Tools like BIRME and Online Image Resize

Having several images to resize can prove quite a task hence the need to use a tool specially designed for such a purpose. BIRME is a bulk resizing tool allowing you to resize several images at a go and not a single piece, which consumes a lot of time. The best feature of this tool is that it allows you to preview the image outcome, ensuring quality. The preview simplifies the editing and resizing processes giving you quality images no matter how bulky they are.

On the other hand, an online image resize simplifies resizing for those who might find it challenging to use other resizing tools. It gives you an option to choose the number of image ideas and the width and height size. It makes resizing simple since it automatically resizes all photos to your specified size. You can download them either in bulk or single pieces allowing you to edit the images through cropping further, resizing, or rotating them.

Use a Social Image or Photo Resizer for Social Media Images

The social resizer tool is best suited to resize images used on social media platforms since they all have varying image dimensions. The device has a dropdown menu, which you use to select where you want the image to fit. Some of the dropdown menu features include cover and profile photos for Facebook and other social media platforms, among others. It can only convert an image with 2 MB; hence large images need to be compressed to this size. Click where you wish to fit a picture, and it will automatically be resized to fit specified dimensions.

Photo resizer has similar functions as an image resizer tool, although it comes with fewer options. It has extra tools like those on Microsoft paint that allows you to run several editing functions such as flip, rotate or draw on the photo. You can highlight details on an image, or fix a blurry vision using the sharpen option.

Use ResizePixel, or iLoveIMG Resizing Tools

At this point, you are aware that most resizing tools depend on the number of images. Apart from resizing to kilobytes and megabytes, ResizePixel allows you to compress pictures without altering their quality. You have the privilege of converting the images to JPG and, PNG files meaning it can give you several modifications. Image size is crucial since it determines the loading speed across all platforms.

iLoveIMG resizing tool allows you to resize several images and make it easy to resize bulky images. The image resizer simplifies the resizing process by loading the images and selecting how you want them to be sized either by pixel or percentage. It allows you to resize images of different sizes without altering them; hence, it’s best for resizing additional-sized photos. This feature emphasizes quality in avoiding blurry photos.

Use Crello and Resize for Facebook

Crello is a compelling image resizer for blog illustrations, social media networks, and print media. With this tool, you can modify JPG, PNG, and JPEG photos. Just upload an image on Crello and click resize; it makes the process seem effortless. You can also manually change dimensions to the final image in pixel or centimeters. Facebook often resizes the idea for which sometimes is not of good quality. You can avoid this issue by using Crello.

This tool allows you to resize an image up to 6 Megabytes. Once resized, you can add a caption then upload it on your page. Resizing images ensures that they have the right dimensions to correctly fit any forum, showing each detail as clearly as possible.

There you have it – all the options are available and ready to use. Let’s give them a try to see which one suits you best!


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