Best eCommerce & Online Shopping Sites in New Zealand

Best eCommerce & Online Shopping Sites in New Zealand

With good internet services and a high need for online shopping, New Zealand has become home to some of the top eCommerce companies in the world.

People are increasingly flocking to online shopping since it is convenient and takes less time to purchase high-quality products with the best deals and discounts.

Hence, eCommerce in New Zealand is at its peak, and so is the competition in maintaining the top spot and customer trust. In New Zealand, competitors are increasing in online shopping websites, so you must be picky about your choice.

Online Shopping Sites in New Zealand in 2024

If you want to find the best online shopping sites in New Zealand, we’ve covered you with a list of the top 10 online retailers in New Zealand. Read the list, and you will learn about trending online shopping stores in the country. 

1. TradeMe 

TradeMe began in 1999 as an auction and classifieds service similar to eBay. It has now become one of New Zealand’s most significant internet marketplaces. It is the most frequented website in the country, with over 20 million monthly visitors.

TradeMe is also New Zealand’s number one in the “Auctions” category. The site’s “Marketplace” section allows vendors to market products in various types. A “Business Account” is created by completing a single form. Then, you’re ready to start product listings.

The organization offers seller onboarding and assists you in optimizing your listings for optimum impact. TradeMe may be one of the simplest methods to reach over 650,000 New Zealand shoppers daily.

2. Kmart 

Kmart, which has over 20 physical stores and an extensive online store offering a wide variety of products, including tech, home, toys, health, beauty, and fashion, comes in second place on our list of retailers in New Zealand.

They facilitate a sixty-day return period for online transactions using their e-commerce platform. Because of its reputation for offering affordable pricing, customers have given Kmart’s online store a 5-star rating.

Kmart offers a low-cost, straightforward online shopping experience with the same selection of goods as its physical locations. Select click and pick up, or take advantage of free delivery to cities in five to seven working days if your order is over $65. Their website is equipped with a tracking bar as well. 

3. Amazon 

The multi-category company, valued at US$107 billion, intends to establish distribution centres in Australian cities in 2017.

It aims at delivering goods to clients, letting them pick them up from fulfilment centres, and expanding the product line to include more general items like apparel, electronics, sports equipment, and outdoor gear are all made possible by it.

Amazon is a significant e-commerce platform for both Australia and New Zealand, especially for books, even if it doesn’t have a separate website in New Zealand.

Amazon, a set of appreciation by the winner of Canstar Blue’s 2023 Most Satisfied Customers, receives top ratings of 5 stars for Overall Satisfaction and an additional five stars for its selection of brands and items in other categories. It has excellent 4-star reviews for both Value for Money and Delivery Speed.

Visit Amazon’s Online Shopping Store

4. AliExpress

AliExpress is renowned for providing exceptional value on a vast array of goods. However, lengthy delivery periods are typical because most of its providers are in Asia.

Because most of the products on AliExpress are imported, the website receives an average score for ease of site navigation and range of brands, a 2-star rating for speed of delivery, a 5-star rating for the enormous variety of products, and a 3-star rating for overall satisfaction.

They sell various items in many categories, including watches, jewellery, cars, electronics, men’s, women’s, baby fashion, toys for children, kids, and automobile accessories.

Although most AliExpress products aren’t the highest quality, their low prices make them appealing to retailers and bulk buyers. 

Visit AliExpress

5. Mighty Ape

Mighty Ape is another popular e-commerce store in New Zealand that earned the highest number of satisfied consumers.

It started work as a video and computer game store. Still, later, it developed its platform to allow customers to buy everything from food and clothing to furniture, appliances, and tech.

Buyers can filter the goods by brand, type, and price range. It provides super-fast same-day delivery choices to certain Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch residents.

Not only that, but they offer various shipping options, including regular, multiple, rural, and one-day delivery across the country. The primary plan is also available on the platform, eliminating a fixed product delivery fee.

This option may provide better value if you plan to buy from Mighty Ape.

6. TheMarket 

TheMarket is a relative newcomer to the internet marketplace scene. Launched in August 2019, the site has quickly grown to become New Zealand’s largest e-commerce platform.

It is currently ranked first in New Zealand in the “E-commerce and Shopping” category. Hundreds of retailers call TheMarket home. It keeps a curated assortment of over 3 million lifestyle products in fashion, literature, electronics, and other types.

It also provides customers with a subscription programme with free shipping and other incentives (similar to Amazon). To become a seller, you must fill out an application for your brand and product specifications.

If you are authorized, you will gain access to New Zealand’s largest online buying audience.

7. Catch 

Established in 2006, Catch is an online marketplace situated in Australia. The business started with a 200,000-square-foot warehouse and five employees.

Currently, Catch NZ sends out over 20,000 packages daily and adds over 30,000 new customers weekly. It offers a vast selection of products at incredible savings in various categories, including fashion, beauty, and home décor.

Catch is unique in that it is dedicated to supporting new merchants. You’ll receive committed help as a Catch seller to enhance your product listings, market your company, and other tasks. Catch NZ is dedicated to locating the best products from the biggest brands in the business.

Catch is a “curated marketplace,” signifying that the team thoroughly screens every possible vendor. 

8. eBay 

Another well-known online retailer and the top e-commerce platform in Australia and New Zealand is eBay. With 62 million monthly visits, eBay is the leading online marketplace in Australia and New Zealand despite having 182 million users worldwide.

eBay started as just an auction website but has now expanded to become an online marketplace where new things may be sold. eBay lets merchants offer products in all popular categories, much like Amazon does. You will receive access to pre-made templates, suggestions for pricing, and marketing resources.

With over 14.8 million prospective customers, a wide selection of categories, tax exemption on international purchases under US$765, and access to eBay’s cross-border commerce program.

Visit eBay

9. Ezibuy 

Ezibuy, founded in New Zealand, is now Australasia’s largest multi-channel retailer, focusing on clothing, homeware, and gifts. Customers purchase products online, in catalogues, and retail stores in New Zealand.

Ezibuy is a well-known brand in the fashion and homewares industries. On its website, many of its items are available for click-and-collect (within five working days).

Alternatively, you can choose free delivery on orders over $200, which might take five to twelve working days to arrive, depending on the item(s) ordered. The organization mails over 23 million catalogues annually and processes over 1.75 million orders.

10. Farmers 

Farmers, a Kiwi-owned department store in New Zealand, sells beauty, fashion, homewares, major appliances, and furniture items. They make delivery and in-store pickup possible.

Farmers adhere to an ethical sourcing policy when it comes to their products. It receives four stars for overall satisfaction and the variety of products. It offers three stars for speed of delivery, value for money, and ease of site navigation.

Farmers boasts around 50 department stores and is a popular shopping location for Kiwis. It has both online and physical stores that offer the same fantastic bargains and products. Small products can take up to 10 days for standard delivery, or you can click and collect at your local Farmer’s shop.

Final Words

Because of the simplicity of online shopping, New Zealand has become a hub for leading eCommerce enterprises. Kiwis have access to a world of goods with alternatives such as TradeMe, Kmart, Amazon, AliExpress, Mighty Ape, TheMarket, Catch, eBay, Ezibuy, and Farmers.

Whether looking for low pricing, one-of-a-kind things, or a hassle-free shopping experience, New Zealand’s finest e-commerce websites provide something for everyone.

So, go ahead and investigate these online marketplaces, and enjoy the convenience of purchasing from the comfort of your own home in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Have fun shopping!

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